Nellies Keepsake

A small keepsake


A silver-and-gilding pendant with a single clouded pearl and a woman’s golden ring on a silver neckchain worn by Alain Uskinglass


After her death Nellie Uskinglass did not leave a lot to her son to remember her by aside from an old pendant and a ring. Her son now wears both around his neck on a silver chain.

The Pendant is a Anguistralobe of silver and gildening with a single clouded pearl in it. It has been kept clean, though the workings of it are stiff and have not been moved for a long time.

The ring is an old, gold posie ring with a curved center and slight slants on either side. It is engraved on the inside with the classical inscription : ‘+ LET + TRVTH + TRYALL +’Nelliesposie

Nellies Keepsake

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