The young heroes of Seawell, a small agricultural town, find themselves on strange shore after a shipwreck. Learning about their destiny as Chosen Ones in conflict between the Gods, they embark on an epic journey of self-discovery in a world they do not fully comprehend.

Running into friends and foes from the older world, much is changed and enigmas lurk in every corner. Rejoined with an old friend they follow in the footsteps of their fathers who seemingly all came from this world, but not the one they grew up in.

An undead horde, which attacked their hometown of Seawell, threatens kingdoms around the world and their prime suspect appears to be an ally – but looks can be deceiving and in this world things are rarely as they seem.


Every session has a centric, and every session starts and ends with a DM controlled (story) flashback from that centric’s past. Every once in a while Interludes occur, stories of the Gods and their chess-like games which affect the world the PC’s live in. All interludes and flashbacks are non-time-linear chronicled adding a bit of enigma element into the story.
To keep the pace of the game, some sessions were non-centric and in session 56 the first non-PC became a centric, adding a flavour to the story, showing things in the back-story the players would normally not see. To add depth to characters, “potency” to their concept and a life-like element to the story, real-life actors are “cast” in the roles of PC’s and NPC’s – this sometimes involves easter eggs in the story. Music plays an important part in the mood setting; Zimmer, Horner and Giacchino being preferred.


The story is greatly inspired by H.P.Lovecraft, C.S. Lewis, Arthurian Legends and others, while the story-telling is based on the LOST TV series, using centrics and flashbacks. Foreshadow is used to suggest what lies ahead. Every session has a name; picturing the story like a book or a TV series.

Pathfinder LOST

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