same appearance


Youth Heavyhearted
A look for his pretty boy phases A good example of one of the many times during this campaign that he has had to hear ill tidings (or in game master terms: a good look at his response to when he receives a coke bottle up his behind)
Pensive Wild
For his melancholy moments…although they are few and far between, especially when surrounded by people. An example of Raven in his younger, more experimental days.
Cavalier The morning after look

“How you doin?” ;)

A look that all too often has to be given ^^


Sometimes they cut and groom me just right ;)


And sometimes I can’t tell heads from tails

The grin

The infamous grin that is sported at all times :)


Clean shaven, short cut, could I be healthier? A rare look for the Raven-meister ;)


In Raven’s more atrocious days he would stop at nothing to get the deed done!

Without remorse

And sadly, in his darkest hours, he did it without remorse.


same appearance

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