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Fine. I care not.Leon Lundgren after reluctantly giving a bag of holding to Angelina Castle

You lost today, kid. Doesn’t mean you have to like it.Krider to young Raven after killing his mother.

My dick is a pretty as my faceRaven’s quote on his many pub crawl.

Baldric!Captain Reynolds
Simpson, sir…Simpson
Whatever…Captain Reynolds reoccurring lines.

Oh yeah…take his side!Raven to Angelina after she asked Raven what he had done when he and Galahad exchanged words and then Raven punched him.

Ah. I was right.Leon Lundgren upon hearning that his spur-of-the-moment team change seemingly was to the side of the good guys.

So. Getting married in the morning?Alain Uskinglass on Leon Lundgren‘s one night stand after a rather scathing remark from Leon about names for women who are bedded but unwed, – unknowingly mocking Alain’s mother.

Life finds a wayGarland Tarn.

Did I win?Dagonet when brought back to life.

Take that coin and shove it. I am richer than you.Daniel upon receiving a tip from Raven.

Angie, Will you marry me?” Reoccurring line from Alain Uskinglass

Life is a hell that you ain’t getting out of alive!Raven, his view of life for way too long. Thankfully Phoenix does not share his view.

DO NOT think about Pink Elephants! Whatever you do DO NOT think about Pink Elephants!Angelina Castle using reverse psycology in combat.

Angelina CastleWhere’s Phoenix?
Alain UskinglassHe’s…he’s…erm…not feeling good.
Angelina CastleWhat? Is he allright?
Alain Uskinglass…he has…has…diarrhea?
Angelina Castlewhat…?
Alain UskinglassYeah! Diarrhea!
Patrick Hobb “* facepalm *”
- How Alain Uskinglass is not the guy to ask to make up an alibi for you.

Memorable Quotes

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