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Goddess of Fertility (N)

Symbol: a woman’s lips

Queen of the Night: Lilith is a primal force of procreation and fertility, who always appears as a sensuous woman. She is an infamous seducer, and the mother of monsters.

Lilith is said to have vanished and with her the domains of her powers. The heroes met a shaman in the wild and he led them to believe that Lilith was in fact dead and had been killed by Snid. Alain Uskinglass while residing in Riinar tried to get the faith in Lilith back on track, since in Riinar you can find her largest cult, in his attempt to gain the goddesses attention. This presented quite the problem since the shaman the heroes met says that Snid now receives the worship being given to Lilith. However Alain took the turn to try and focus worship on himself as the chosen of Lilith, both in an attempt to get the city under control for Jezz Torrent through religious influence and for the fact that he was skeptical about the endpoint of such worshiping towards a goddess that he on that point was certain wasn’t even living.

Alain Uskinglass is said to be connected with this delightful little firecracker.

Domains: Animal Earth Healing Magic

Avatar: Lilith



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