Dark Days

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Centric: Serbitar

The heroes meet Thomas Castle in the desert on their way from Celephais to Riinar. Thomas tells them of how their time in Celephais actually lasted for 4 years although it seemed like only a few days to them. Thomas has taken over charge of the new town the residents of Seawell built on this plane and wanted to find the heroes, especially Angelina and make sure they were alright. Angelina show’s Thomas her Paladin mount, it looking exactly like Thomas’s old mount much to delight and awe. Thomas also tells them that he met Hawk in Riinar. Hawk had apparently left the town a long time ago and was now a bounty hunter in Riinar. The happiest news he has to tell them is of Virginia, that she had her baby and both are healthy. Leon sighs of relief as do they all since they had been told that since the disappearance of Lilith no children have been born in this world. Thomas tells them of a town not far from here, but tells them to be vary here in the desert because the days last 72 hours and the nights the same. They hurry to the town, Hazuth Kleg.

Upon arriving they are quick to discover that the town holds a mysterious valuable treasure. They also discover that the town is under siege during night time from horrifying skeletal creatures and at all times by pirates. Separately both Patrick and Leon secure passage for Thomas back to Oriab, not knowing that they procured it on the same vessel. The ship, leaving as soon as they’ve finished trading with the locals, forces a premature farewell between Thomas and Angelina. The heroes do notice though that Hazuth Kleg is a very wealthy town and assume that the treasure they’re keeping must be something special.

Serbitar, learning that the skeletal creatures come from underneath the sand, decides to go investigate as an earth elemental. He finds an underground labyrinth and finally a summoning chamber with 2 men, one reading from a book and the other opening a coffin afterwords. From the coffin comes yet another skeletal creature. Before Serbitar can react he is startled to see a menacing figure appear in the room. This man berates the other 2 men, saying that it has been 4 years and that they should have the treasure of Hazuth Kleg by now. They explain that they don’t have the skeletal creatures aren’t sufficient to penetrate Hazuth’s walls. The menacing figure contemplates this for a moment, then draws a dagger and plunges it into one of the men. As he dies, the menacing figure says a few words over his corpse and it starts to writhe and transform. He tells the other man to use that (pointing at the now writhing blob) when it’s fully ready along with the skeletal creatures and they’re sure to succeed. At this point the menacing figure notices Serbitar in his earth elemental form and finally Serbitar sees his face…it’s his father, the necromancer in the north and controller of endless undead hordes.

Serbitar returns to Hazuth Kleg and tells the heroes of his trials and they decide to take this information to General Denton.

Flashbacks: Serbitar and Raven are young boys around 5 and playing knight in the forrest. They are chasing a rabbit, which is in their mind a great old wyrm, which has been terrorizing Seawell. Armed with short spears, the boy’s slay the ancient beast and look up on the corpse of the rabbit. Garland Tarn walks upon them and is quite saddened at what they have done, telling them that no man should ever take a life unless he was protecting or surviving. Realizing that the boys are both sad and embarrassed, the old druid smiles and informs them that tonight they would have a rabbit stew for supper.

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Dark Days

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