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The fabled city, shrouded in myth, where few dare enter.

Celephais is said to be a strange city indeed. The heroes hear of it being a city where few decide to leave once they’ve get there. And stranger yet that when they finally leave, for them it’s as if they just got there while it’s really been a long time.

Noden told Raven that he would find his mother, Elizabeth, here and that she would be alive and well, exactly like she was in each and every way. In technical, god cheating language, that actually meant that she looked exactly the same but the similarities ended there.

The city was mind controlling all those who were foreign to the city to work in the mines. There was and abundance of onyx to be found there which made Celephais a wealthy city. The slavery and illusion of this eerie city was abruptly ended by the heroes, but it cost Leon Lundgren his integrity and created quite the strife within the group. Leon’s actions here would later lead him to leave the group on a pilgrimage to attempt to atone for his actions.

Places of interest include: The Inn and the flying city of Serannian.



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