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There was the banquet after the first day of the tournament. Serbitar was commended for his bravery in combat and fearlessness. That knight they all joined the Round Table in ceremonial initiation of PC’s to knighthood.

The tournament was an amazing battle. In short Group 3 lost to Group 4, but both Angelina and Patrick were noted for their battle prowess. Angelina was even the combatant that felled most opponents and the second woman in the history of Camelot to make it through the first round of a Tournament. Patrick managed to make a fighting move called the “Pelleas” where you pin a man down, hogtie him with his own belt and then turn his helmet to make him blind. Pelleas drew himself out of the competition.

Group 3 vs. Group 4
Gareth Bors
Gareth Bors de Ganis
Leondegrance Galahad
Leondegrance Galahad
Kay Dagonet
Kay Dagonet
Lionel Angelina
Lionel Angelina Castle
Patrick Pelleas
Patrick Hobb Pelleas

An old friend of Alexander Castle visits Seawell. He is very keen on seeing Angelina and presents her with a gift, an amulet with a sword embedded, obviously a herald of some sort. He notes she looks just like her mother, smiling knowingly. Alexander asks with the journey was hard, but the man replied it was worth it. He stays for a few days than departs. He drops to Angelina, that he looks forward seeing her later.

A few weeks later, while playing, the string on the amulet on brakes. Angelina rushes with it to the Elianders but Beorn is out. His wife takes the amulet and tells her that Beorn will fix it as soon as he gets back. Rushing out she bumps into a merchant wearing a yellow garb.

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Brother to Brother

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