Tag: Seawell-Avalon


  • Oskilith

    Raised in the town of Seawell, he was a servent of [[:elizabeth-morgan | Lady Elizabeth Morgan]]. Coming of age, he used his gift of gab to become a middleman for various items in Seawell. In [[The White Stag | The White Stag]] [[:raven | Raven]] went …

  • Elizabeth Morgan

    Elizabeth is [[:raven|Raven's]] birth mother. When [[:beorn-eliander]] arrived in the Seawell in Avalon, they fell in love with each other. When Raven was very young [[:alexander-castle]] convinced Beorn that Raven would not be safe there. Elizabeth didn' …

  • Belloq

    Innkeeper of "A New Hope" tavern in [[Seawell, Avalon | Seawell, Avalon]] *Appears in*: [[A New Hope | A New Hope]] [[The White Stag | The White Stag]] [[Crimson Tide | Crimson Tide]]

  • Vilhem

    The PC meet him in [[Seawell, Avalon | Seawell, Avalon]] when departing to [[Oriab | Oriab]]. He offers them some cruical information about their origins: * Some 20 years ago a group of "outsiders" came to Seawell. Amongst them he recalled [[:alexander …