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  • Hawk

    Brother to [[:Raven]] and the first son of the former ranger, [[:beorn-eliander | Beorn Eliander]]. After the death of his mother ([[:elizabeth-eliander | Elizabeth Eliander]]), which he blamed his baby brother for, he assumed the mantel of the town …

  • Raven/Phoenix

    |!(media-item-align-center)http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/29533/Dark_times.jpg(Dark times)!| |

    _Struggling to escape from his sordid past, Raven's whole purpose in life becomes redemption._


    Elizabeth Eliander

    Her beauty petrified some while it merely stunned others. To the bravest of all it was only as if a tidal wave had swept them over. Thus it was that [[:beorn-eliander | Beorn Eliander]], no ordinary man, could walk up to Elizabeth and just plainly kiss …

  • Beorn Eliander

    Beorn was one of the toughest adventures of his time. How he survived his ordeals cannot fully be explained. His epic archery would never fully be comprehended nor his legendary two weapon fighting style. He felt truly ecstatic when he finally found the …