Pathfinder LOST

The Pilot

Centric: None

During the harvest Angelina Castle, Athena Williams, Patrick Hobb and Leon Lundgren are sent by Alexander Castle to check upon the Wellers, the family that oversees the lighthouse. Confronted by pirates that have slaughtered the Wellers, the four heroes vanquish the villains and confiscate their ship.

Upon arriving back to the village, Athena and Angelina are warned by Raven that a horde of zombies are approaching the town.

A New World part 1

Centric: Angelina Castle

The brothers Hawk and Raven head out to Brimnes, the next town, to pick up supplies. Upon arriving in the town, they find that a horde of undead have slaughtered all it’s habitants. Splitting up, Raven makes his way back to Seawell while Hawk slows the hordes advance.

Upon hearing the dire news that evening, Angelina Castle orders an evacuation of the village using the newly confiscated pirate’s boat. The villagers barely escapes with the return of Hawk and set sail to the open seas. Storm hits the boat and all goes to the worst.

One by one the villagers wake up to find themselves on a shore, flanked by a cliff. 2 miles inland lies a forest and plain in between. The help each other as best they can and discover that three people have died in the crash, including Alexander Castle. Come nightfall they discover that the moon now covers about 1/6 of the night sky, suggesting they may be on another plain. Hawk leaves the camp to recon the surroundings, expects to return in a couple of days.

During Angelina┬┤s grieving period Hawk comes to her and tells her that her father always intended for her to take his place. She tells him that her father always pushed her hard and never implied anything like that. Hawk shows her a moth cocoon, suggesting that it would soon open and a moth would emerge. He tells that he could open the cocoon with the edge of his blade, helping it out to the world, but he won’t for it would not be strong enough to survive in the world.

Seeking shelter in a nearby cave, giant centipedes attack the villagers. The PC quickly dispatch the danger only to discover more evil lurking in the deep.

As a young girl Angelina Castle was had martial training from her father, Alexander Castle along with all the children of their age. He drove her harder then any other child, including Leon Lundgren whom she rival for her father affection. When she fell down during one exercise, hurting her leg and cried, her father came to her, knelt beside her and said: “So you fell; are you gonna cry about it or are you gonna get up and back in the fight?”

A teenaged Angelina fighting in a sparring fight with her father, is hurt and ask her father why he pushes her so hard. “For you are a woman,” he replied. “When a male fighter fights you and discovers how talent you are, he WILL NOT lose the fight. The humiliation is a worse fate the death.”

A New World part 2

Centric: Athena Williams

Descending deeper into the caves, the PC’s encounter a group of Ghouls in a large enclave, which includes running water and a spring. Deeper still, encountering more Ghouls, they find a peculiar archway with a strange description. Beyond the door they find seven chests each marked with their name. No-one can open a chest but the one with their name. Within they each find a gift.

Flashbacks: At the age of eleven Athena Williams is given the responsibility to raise Angelina Castle then an infant, for Angelina’s mother is not present and Alexander Castle had the job of raising the militia.

At the age of 20, Athena is begin bullied. This is not the first time, but it would prove to be the last. Angelina, now a nine years old, steps in and defends her. Not risking the wrath of her father, the others back down, now and forever.

Journey to Andahad

Centric: Leon Lundgren

After returning form the cave Angelina Castle and Athena Williams notice a marking on the backside of Leon Lundgren’s neck. Checking each others necks they discover that all seven of them are marked.

On the eve of the third day they see a man, riding a Zebra, emmerging from the forrest. He introduces himself as Abdul Al-Hazred, a merchant from the city of Andahad. He informs them that they are the Chosen Ones, prophets to arrive in this world via a great storm. He brings tributes from the city of Andahad and implores them to visit the city of Baharna to learn more about their destiny.

Angelina shares her idea that the villagers should migrate to the city and start a new life there. Leon disagrees and thinks that the villagers should stay put. Agreeing to go to the city and check it out, the PC’s leave in the morning with Abdul. On the second day, traveling through the forest, they are attacked by Bugbears and barely emerge victorious.

Flashbacks: Leon remembers Alexander Castle giving him extra attention in martial training. Alexander claims Leon to be his best pupil and Leon feels that he should replace Alexander when the time comes.

Death from Beyond

Centric: Patrick Hobb

Arriving in Andahad the PC’s marvel at the strange sights. Buying material and equipment to help the villager survive on the beach, they agree that the villagers themselves should choose their living place. Raven notices a shadowy fellow lurking about. Raven and Angelina chase him into a blind alley, only to loose him.

Embarking to the camp on the bridge, paranoia strikes the PC. Every step they take they feel eyes upon them. Slowed down in their travels, they are later ambushed by Bugbears, lead by a man, who Raven spotted in Andahad. His name was Richard, as Patrick knew when he saw him.
A fight ensued and Patrick came very close to dying. Leon Lundgren slew Richard by decapitating him.

Three Bugbears were healed and taken captive after the fight. The PC’s then brought them to the camp.

Flashbacks: As a member of the City-guard, Patrick Hobb ratted out a fellow guardsman by the name of Richard. He was a molester and a rapist. Upon hearing of the charges, Richard swore vengeance on Patrick, who was mortified by the threats.

Two days later Patrick is taken before the captain of the watch, answering questions about Richard and his whereabouts the night before. He is then informed that Richard is dead and his death occurred under most unusual circumstances. Richard, having locked himself in a windowless room for the night, apparently died during the night by decapitation – his door locked from the inside when he was discovered.

The Moth(er)

Centric: Raven

Returning to the beach camp with three Bugbears the PC’s distribute the tools they bought in Andahad among the villagers. One bugbear is released, taking fish as a tribute to the bugbear’s king and set to arrange a meeting. The other two are hold up on the beach, treated well. Raven/Phoenix discovers a golden necklace embedded with jewels on the shore and finds it familiar. Joshua Williams and Angelina Castle descent down the cave to inspect the fresh water and look for a way to channel it out. Raven’s father reveals how his mother died. Raven confront his brother Hawk about the necklace; Hawk angrily leaving the camp after their confrontation.

A earthquake causes a cave-in, shutting Angelina and Joshua shut. The villagers quickly start excavating the cave. Raven releases the bugbears and pleads for their help; they agree and work like mad men. Down in the cave, Joshua cast a light spell and it reveals him trapped under the rubble; Angelina with an open wounded broken leg. Joshua knowing his time has come, bids her farewell and fades a way, the light with him. Just before he dies, Angelina sees a moth flying in the small cave leading her out. Possessed, she digs her way out.

Outside Serbitar hears Angelina call for help. He and Athena Williams run to her aid, followed shortly by everyone else. The bugbears start digging Joshua up and Angelina is treated by Serbitar and Athena. Grief grips the villagers as they learn of Joshua’s demise.

Flashbacks: Raven recalls giving the golden necklace to his mother. He stole it from a fat wealthy merchant. His mother wears it proudly and for all to see, not suspecting theft.

Raven remembers playing with his friends when he was six years old, the day his mother died. A man dressed in a yellow robe comes to him and tells him he lost today, but he didn’t have to like it. The man later turns out to be Elgyn.


Centric: None

The next morning, Angelina Castle rises fully healed of the wounds. Raven heads out to the forest, desperately searching for his brother Hawk. The PC embark on a negotiation trip to the Bugbears. Angelina and Serbitar are quite surprised to find out that the Bugbears are not evil nor was their king.

Meanwhile Raven meets up with a strange sentient being who called himself Ibben. He was there to meet up with the newly arrived Chosen Ones. So later that evening they meet up with the rest of the PC’s. Ibben introduces himself as a member of the High-Clerical Counsel of Baharna. He implores the PC to come to Baharna and discover their fates. The PC parley and decide to head out there.

They walk to Andahad where they purchase Zebra’s and ride northward to Baharna. On the way they are attacked by Orcs. In two days time, they reach Baharna and head out the the temple.
There they meet up with Ibben and a ritual prepared. The PC’s are notified that every Chosen belongs to a certain deity, who should know the fate of his chosen one. Sometimes, however, the Chosen Ones are chosen to replace the current deity.

One by one the PC’s are called before a cleric. The PC’s give up their magical items which they received in the cave, back in A New World part 2 and received their signature items in their place. Each one received information on their Chosen deity.

The Honorary Candidate

Centric: Alain Uskinglass

The PC’s are invited to a celebration where a candidate to be sacrificed to the gods is appointed. Dressed in their finest they show up and are seated on a large round table; along with wealthy merchant Davos, his wife, Cathrine and his beautiful daughter Sylvia. Angelina Castle did a check and found out that the fat man sitting next to her was indeed evil, a slaver later known to be Heinreich and also a bodyguard next to Davos, later to be revealed as Elgyn.

Sylvia and Leon Lundgren fall in love and Alain Uskinglass knows her instantly as the first girl he slept with and took his virginity. Tension between them rises. Raven makes friends with Davos and gains a valuable contact. Angelina confronts the slaver and learns of his profession, angered by it and almost behaves rudely.

Sylvia and Leon excused themselves and leave for the garden. Raven notice Elgyn and confronts him only to find himself superiorly over matched but escapes by bringing attention to them. Later in the evening Sylvia is appointed as the sacrificial to Karakal. Angelina suggests that the Chosen Ones escort Sylvia to Mount Ngrana.

After a night’s rest at Davos’s place the PC’s and Sylvia head out to the mountain. Upon reaching the mountain, they ascent to the summit and are attacked by Nightgaunts and taken off to the top. Awaking in a dark silent chamber they are confronted by a man not fitting Karakal description.

Flashbacks: Alain has a romantic encounter with Sylvia when he was 14 years old, she a little older. He loses his virginity and remember her always.

Alain is confronted by a merchant stopping in Seawell who states Alain has his father’s complexion. Puzzled, Alain – who never knew his father – asks Davos about what he means, but is only answered by a smile.

The Hunt

Centric: Serbitar

The deity in the mountain introduces himself as Noden, the Lord of the Abyss. The PC’s are surprised, expecting to find Karakal. Sylvia is shocked. As the conversation continues the PC’s learn that Noden knows who summoned them to this world, but not willing to depart these information to the unworthy. Angelina accepts the quest to rescue a friend of Noden’s without conferring to her companions who promptly throws them out of his realm, to Patrick’s great dismay.

Finding themselves in The Accursed Valley, they set out to find Nodens’ friend, kidnapped by “walking snakes”. Serbitar takes the lead and scouts the surroundings transforming himself into a wolf for the first time. He finds an abandoned temple where a great number of evil Serpent People have an unconscious man, ready to sacrifice him to an unknown deity.

Forming a plan to rescue the man, Raven skulks toward the temple. Leon however, thinking about his beloved Sylvia soon looses his patient and charges the Serpents. The battle is hard and the serpents are powerful sorcerers, summoning some kind of hellhounds that wreak havoc. The PC’s emerge victorious but at a great prize, Patrick is dead.

After a grieving period, the PC’s inspect the man. Not being able to lift so much as a finger on his body, he awakes upon the removal of a peculiar necklace. He introduces himself, his name so strange that the PC’s were unable to remember or repeat it, so he referred himself as Yuri. Upon hearing about Patrick’s sacrifice, Yuri ceremoniously rips up his ribcage and removing a strong bright light from his own chest, placing it in this burned corpse that once was Patrick. Miraculously Patrick regenerates and gains his strength, the stranger Yuri weakens greatly.

Flashbacks: Young Serbitar (about 6) and young Raven are running through the forest with spears chasing a rabbit. They are of course great knights in pursuit of a dragon which they slay. Garland Tarn arrives and tells the boys, that all lives are sacred and no-one should take more then he needs in the never ending circle of life. When he notice how bashful the two boys are, he smiles, kindly asking if they would like a rabbit stew.

A very young (age 2) Serbitar is in his father’s keep. A cat comes to him, and after receiving a gentle pat, tells Serbitar that his father is coming to kill him. The nanny tries to shoo the cat but the cat hisses at her. Serbitar grabs his teddy bear and heads out of the room. Moments later his father arrives in the room, grasping a ceremonial dagger in his fist.

The Quest to the Unknown City

Centric: Leon Lundgren

After a night rest the PC’s continue toward Mount Ngrana assisting a weaken Yuri. They meet up with the Nightgaunts that take them to Noden. He fulfill his end of the bargain, revealing that the deity Snid is responsable for them being there, but offers no other information. Raven and Leon confront Noden and demand that Sylvia is returned. Noden agrees on the condition that they return a glass object which resides in the temple of the ruins.

They leave Noden’s sanctuary and make their way to the ruins just by the lake

Flashbacks: Leon is 12 years old running as fast as he can in forest outside of Seawell. He is sort of crying and never looks back. He stops next to a huge oak and catches his breath. While there he hears voices, orc and goblin. Turning to see he notice a large group of Orcs and Goblins, an attacking party heading for Seawell. He startles as a arm grabs his mouth.

Hawk bows over Leon and make a notion with his finger for Leon to stay silent. He then disappears into the woods. Leon hears a cracking noise and sees many trees roll over the orc camp. Confusion grabs the orcs and goblins and they do not notice the arrows flying over the camp and slaughtering their comrades. A few moments later a curved bladed Hawk emerges for the woods and kills orcs and goblins indiscriminately. He battles a few moments with the Orc chieftan and loses his momentum. Leon shouts and charges the Orc, who turns his eyes for a moment from Hawk, a deadly mistake. Leon chops the falling dead orc repeatedly.

Alexander Castle, Joshua Williams and Leon’s father are standing over Leon. Alexander tell’s Leon that from now on he will train him with the Orc axe which Hawk gave Leon. They congratulate him and leave. Leon eats his supper. A huge bald man, dressed in animal skin, presumably a barbarian from the north, sits at his table. He has an indigo tattoo on his head along with a huge beard. The stranger congrats Leon, telling him he’ll keep an eye on him from now on.


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