Pathfinder LOST

Strangers in a Strange Land

Centric: Raven

The PC’s arrive at Seawell-Oriab and are greeted by a young boy. When they introduce themselves the boy addresses Angelina as cousin. The PC split up, Angelina goes to meet her uncle and his wife; Athena learns of her grandmother’s death and goes to the cemetery; Raven learns of his father’s murder and the possibility that Hawk was the murderer; Patrick goes to see his father who relentlessly work the fertile earth; Alain visits his mother’s grave.Athena encounters a hawk on her grandmother’s grave and she fosters him.

Thomas reveals that he was not entirely forthcoming when he last met the PC’s. He indeed knows the realm and had stayed here when his brother departed with the children. He encourages the PC’s to travel to Ulthar and tells them that he is friends with King Valjean of Ulthar. When asked of Renton in the The Accursed Valley he knows not of him, but recalls a hermit there by the name of Bloom.

Morra approaches Raven and is very excited. He informs Raven that he has received his first hit – Raven recalls his friend Donnie received his last night. Morra emphases that he is “made” and also points out that he is lucky for his hit is a traitor. He then describes to Raven that those who stand against them and betray them are the worst of the worst, no remorse is required and one should not feel a thing when completing the hit. He then introduces Cyrus, a man who tattoos Raven’s back. When he is done, Morra concludes that the tattoo will ensure no-one would ever cross him and all would show him the respect he deserves. However the tattoo is incomplete, but will be completed when the hit is done, the incomplete tattoo would brand him as a traitor.
Wulfgar then escorts Raven down to the dungeons, Raven notes that Zhen Lei follows them. Before they enter the cell, Wulfgar expresses to Raven that he does not share Morra confidence in Raven, for him he is a loser not capable of executing even a traitor. Raven, very psyched up from Morra’s inspirations, disagrees and enters the cell. The traitor steps out of the shadow’s, calling Raven by his name, revealing himself as Donnie.
Raven is stunned, but Donnie had been hoping it would be him. Donnie explains he know what he had done, but he was proud of it, claiming it as his one good deed. He knew it would cost him his life, and he was thankful it came from someone he knew. Raven hesitated but Donnie grabbed his knife and trusted it into his chest. Raven finished the job.

Feeling rotten, Raven exits the cell. Wulfgar judges him with his look and looks pleased. When they are returning to Cyrus, they meet Grimfang. Grimfang takes a look at his pupil and asks about it. Raven claims he had taken his first life. Grimfang, sternful, replies that he should take note that it was better that it was the other one that died, not him as such was the way of combat. Noticing the expression on Raven face, the truth dawns on Grimfang. He asks Raven if that was not the case. “You killed a man in cold blood?” he screams at Raven and then slaps his face with the back of his hand. “Have you not learned anything I thought you? You don’t got what it takes!”
Grimfang almost enters a rage but Wulfgar and Zhen Lei try to contain him. Raven makes a run for it and heads to the nearest tavern. He never met Cyrus to finish the tattoo and was branded a traitor by the thieves guild until he met his death.

Two for the Road

Centric: Angelina Castle

Raven emerges from the cellar and sees the house in ruins. City guards are approaching and he realizes that the assassins are not far behind. Athena resurrects Dagonet who regains conscience, to Bors much delight. The heroes rush out of town, Raven suggesting to depart the group, Galahad firmly denying him. When the get out of town, they make a camp at dusk. Torrent is revived after a few quarrels between Angelina Castle, Alain and Galahad. However, when Athena sees the remarks of Galahad and Angelina, she reverses the process, sending Torrent back without the possibility of returning to the world of the living. Patrick recalls a memory from Yuri that Torrent had always been evil, but Yuri had somehow suppressed that when Alain Tupalov was murdered.

Tensions arises between Alain and Angelina, Alain mourning his father figure Torrent, while Angelina mourning the lost of her first love. They both storm out of camp. Galahad starts to follow Angelina, but Dagonet stops him. Alain grows away from the knight, feeling their distrust toward him.

The groups makes their way to Andahad. Stopping to clean themselves in the cold river, Angelina discovers she can endure cold just like Patrick. Raven and Alain head into Andahad while the others head on toward the hemlet of Seawell. Alain goes to see his mother but discovers she passed away few years back. Her body was collected by Thomas Castle and taken to Seawell.

Angelina recalls the arrival of Thomas Castle and a stranger. Thomas introduces his friend as Siân, who after a few courteous comments with young Angelina, heads toward the inn. Thomas notices the medallion around Angelina’s neck and excitedly asks her who gave her this. When she informs that a man, a friend of her father, gave her this, Thomas is somewhat disappointed, and ask his brother if she has not shown up. Alexander shakes his head.

A few days later, Thomas and his companion leave.

The Taming of the Shrew

Centric: None

Battle with Helena Tupalov. She summons daemons to her aid. Raven and Lucan fortify themselves and Elizabeth Morgan in the cellar, warding off any approaching enemy. Patrick Hobb and Bors fight a huge ice daemon. Galahad and Dagonet battle various teleporting minor daemons. Alain, Angelina and Athena concentrate on Tupalov herself. During the battle, Dagonet falls dead.

Torrent shows up with a dozen city guards, but after changing glances with Helena, she orders him to attack the heroes, which he complies to. Angelina notice evil presence in Torrent. Athena casts a great firewall sending the guards screaming out. Alain blasts a ball of lightning slaying Torrent and Athena makes the final blow on Tupolov. Alain begs Athena to help Torrent, but she declines, rushing to Dagonet’s help.


Centric: Alain Uskinglass

Alain puts Helena Tupalov in his bed back at the Davos mansion and falls a sleep on the chair next to the bed. When he wakes up, it is to her singing (Catch a falling star). He is confused but she is relieved to see her son again. She asks where she is and what has transpired. She does not believe him when he claims not to be her son, believing him to bewitched in some manner.

Alain is a small boy and is going to sleep, while his mother works at the inn. The neighbours dog starts barking, frightening little Alain out of his wits. He tries to exit his home and head for the Inn but the dog, although chained, is outside, blocking his way. Alain hides in a corner, scared, and is that way when his mother comes home to find him.
She comforts him the best she can, singing “Catch a falling star” to calm him, as she always did.

The slaying of the Monster

Centric: Athena Williams

Torrent is arresting Galahad for slaying three Shantaks but Galahad asks what kind of lousy excuse of city guards they are for letting these daemons roam the city. Angelina calms Galahad down and persuades him to surrender, only to anger him again when he sees that Torrent and Angelina share something. Torrent is pleased to see both Angelina and Alain and they all agree to meet for a drink after his watch is over.
The Shantak merchant is furious but Angelina persuades him to release Galahad from custody in exchange for a fair compensation, total of 3600 gold pieces. Angelina and Alain cough up most of the sum, promising to pay the rest within one week time. Galahad maintains the dispute with Torrent, telling him that the Shantaks are evil daemons with no right to roam this world and curses the city to endorse selling and breeding of these beasts. He even accuses Torrent of blindly following the law, regardless of what good (or evil) will come of it. Angelina shuts him up and Alain is considerably angry with Galahad.

Raven takes time to fortify and secure Davos mansion and then goes to see Carter. Carter does not recognize him and Raven asks of the bounty on Raven’s head. He then asks Carter if there is a bounty on the head for the rest of the PC’s which Carter does not now of. Raven suggests that it could be, since the ageing process has been tributed to them. Carter embraces the idea. Raven asks as much as he can about Elgyn, but Carter tells little. He reveals that Elgyn just returned from a “private time” a vacation and posted the bounty on Raven when he arrived. He then travelled north to fulfill a contract on “a king in the north”.

Davos sends invites to the PC’s and the rest of the entourage, and then comments on Leon. The PC’s just say that he is not with them and leave it at that.

Alain and Angelina go that evening to meet with Torrent but he cancels the meeeting as he is rushing to see Robert Parks. Alain offers to come with him, but Torrent shuts the idea down as Parks has informed Torrent that the Guild has put a 100 gold piece bounty on all of the PC’s and a 750 gold piece bounty on Raven. He dismisses them back to where they came.

Alain with help from Athena transmute Helena Tupalov back to life. She is weak and he transports here with a litte help from Dagonet back to Davos’ estate.

Athena is coming of age, about 16, when a stranger who is ragged and smells funny enters the church. He begs for sanctuary and Athena complies, approaching him. She feels funny around him, somewhat scared. They exchange names and he asks for water. When she turns her back on him, he jumps her, ripping her clothes off and tries to rape her. She struggles and screams her lungs out. Joshua Williams appears from the back of the church and the rapist startles, bolting for the door. He runs into a surprises Alexander Castle who had heard the screams. Uncharacteristically Alexander asks the rapist for his name, and when he replies Henri, Alexander’s face of puzzlement mixed with recognition gives way to his firm determined face most knew him by. He grabs Henri’s arm and ask Joshua if she is al right. After receiving the yes from Joshua, he takes Henri out and executes him in the forest.


Centric: Patrick Hobb

The Hope continues her journey on full steam. The PC’s plead withe Captain Robert Ramsey to turn the ship around or at least slow it down so they can retrieve Patrick, but to no avail. Alain goes out looking for him, and true a series of miracles, both of them return about 14 hours later, although closer to death then alive.

Raven finds the necklace, belonging to the Queen lying on the deck, and opens it to find no inscription on it. He returns it to Kaherdin and confronts him on the matter. Kaherdin carelessly told that it would have been uncharacteristic for Elyan to place his name on a gift, but Elgyn could have not known that.

Athena becomes more charismatic and begins to have keener vision in darkness.

Raven and Angelina argue with the Captain about his decision on holding shield over Elgyn. The captain is not at all convinced about Elgyn’s intention on killing them all, even after the fight, and he illustrates the importance of team effort while on the sea. The things that attacked them had not by far been the worst the sea had to offer.

Kaherdin confessed, after a hard search for Serbitar who had not been seen prior to the fight with Elgyn and his lackeys, that he had instructed Serbitar to follow Elgyn and report back to the Hope or to Camelot with the information.

When the Hope landed in Baharna, the PC’s felt a strange feeling of return. Kaherdin left to find a passage back to Camelot. Rhan Jas stayed on the ship heading to Skai while John Fuller and Robert Slater headed into the city looking for adventure. Athena stays on the ship. Galahad, on Raven’s request, goes to buy a Shantaks in the merchant district. Bors heads straight to the next whorehouse to find himself “a chubby little wench”.

Patrick went into disguise and visited the temple. He ran into Ibben whom did not seemed to remember Patrick and Patrick discovered, as did the rest of the PC’s through their visits in Baharna that almost ten years had passed since the heroes had departed to Celephais. People on Oriab had since then started dying of old age and children were born. Life continued. This was mostly contributed to three reasons, first being the discontinue of sacrifices to the god in Mount Ngrana, second being the birth of a child near Andahad and thirdly the departure of the Chosen Ones. Patrick does research on Snid and gains a lot of information, mostly contradictory to one another. Ibben says that rumour has it Snid himself spreads false rumours about himself.

Alain goes to the temple and meets with Idomenea who has aged quite a bit. She does not recognize him at first. Alain checks on the statue of Helena Tupalov and reveals to her that the statue is the high priestess of Lilith. Idomenea wants to transmute her back, the clerics have those powers and is furious she had not heared about this earlier. Alain, wanting to have Athena to do the ceremony, buys time until later that night and then searches for Jezz Torrent.

Raven heads to Philip but is surprised to find Robert Parks has replaces the now deceased Philip. Raven receives the lay of the land, Carter is still one of the top dogs, rumour has it that Elgyn has put a bounty of 750 gold pieces (a fortune) on Raven’s head and that Elgyn has headed north to fulfill a contract on some king – whom Raven presumes is Malaghant. Raven then heads to see Davos and asks for housing. Davos welcomes his old friends and tells Raven that Sylvia married a merchant down in Andahad and they have two wonderful children.

Angelina and Dagonet head into the merchant district to see Anne. She has made a family, married a potter and they have three children, and run a small business of their own. They put a side many annually to buy freedom for a whore, which they teach the craft and send out to the world. Angelina gives them a few hundred gold to help this endeavour, Dagonet confines to Angelina that he is very proud of the decisions they are making. When they leave and are walking through the merchant district, they (and Alain coming from another direction) notice quite a commotion. Serveral city guards, including Torrent, have surrounded Galahad, who has apparently slain three Shantaks.

Patrick, reaching age and has had enough of his father monarch, packs his bags early in the morning. He intended to leave without his father knowledge but when he leaves his room, Carl sits at the table enjoying his tea. His father looks at him, seeing he is all packed. He mocks him for being a quitter, not a real man that sees things through and encourages him to leave – stating that he would return before to long as he realize that he didn’t have what it would take.
Patrick, without saying a word, leaves. That was the last time they spoke – although they saw each other without exchanging words.


Centric: Athena Williams

Everyone gather on the deck of the Hope except Lucan who protects Lady Morgan down below, at the request of ever concerned Raven. Bors and Galahad are watchful over the sea, countering Kaherdin and Raven’s suspicion of an attack from Elgyn’s lackeys.
When Elgyn arrives, Kaherdin approaches him and introduces himself. Elgyn responds that his reputation proceeds him. Out of the bloom, Kaherdin bursts into laughter and laughs hard for a few moments. He tries to compose himself but burst into another laughter, suggesting to the PC’s that this is an act to unnerve Elgyn, which seems to be working as Elgyn becomes on edge. Then Kaherdin composes himself in a blink of an eye and compliments Elgyn on his jewellery. The PC’s now start looking for something in Elgyn accessories they had not notice before. After a few trivial questions about misc. jewellery Kaherdin points to a necklace informing Elgyn, that the necklace belongs to the Queen and that it had been stolen during her assassination attempt. Captain Robert Ramsey asked for proof of that, to which Kaherdin replied that there was an inscription from Elyan
the Queen’s brother on the inside, which Elgyn had not seen or been too stupid to check, else he would have not wear it.
Ramsey reaches out lightning fast and snatches the necklace. In one swift motion, Elgyn shoots out daggers out of his sleeves and cuts Bors, Ramsey, Kaherdin and Raven, not only causing bleeding wounds on them but also stunning them. Out of the sea swarm dozen of Deep Ones along with a much large being.
Patrick dives into the sea after Elgyn but soon looses him and is left behind as Hope steams ahead faster then he swims.
Athena blasts a positive energy over the wounded and quickly assumes the role of holding life in everyone in this immense battle. Raven and Angelina gang up on the large being and have support from now flying Alain. They beast almost slays Raven who is almost insane from the exposure to the being, but Athena heals him in the nick of time. Raven is slain the second time but Galahad lays is hands on him moments before the being claims Ravens soul, which had made it impossible for Athena (or anyone else for that matter) to raise him.
The battle continues and when Athena dispenses the last of the healing powers, she grabs her sword and charges the being. After two critical strikes from Athena, the being falls dead before her and the deep ones depart.

A stranger is washed upon the beach near Seawell as a boat crashed in the storm which wrecked havoc the previous night. Athena nurtures him to health in three days, and he stays for one week before leaving. He tells he that he should not have arrive via boat, him being afraid of the sea. Athena grew found of the stranger, and always fostered the idea that he had been checking up on her for some unexplained reasons. He had been very enthusiastic about the religion and the pantheon which surprised Athena, as he appeared to know very little about it.

Crimson Tide

Centric: Serbitar

Serbitar meets up with Kaherdin in Seawell, Avalon. Kaherdin interrogates Serbitar through a pleasant conversation and tells Serbitar that he thinks he knows how the assassin entered Avalon. He then spent two days in Seawell, questioning a great variety of people. Then Serbitar transformed himself into an water elemental form and gave Kaherdin a push on a small boat.
Raven confronted Elgyn. Elgyn informed Raven that he was expecting a public apology for those horrific accusations and was confident that Raven would never succeed in producing any information regarding this matter (partly because the did not exist). Elgyn called Raven a pawn, a boy who was out of his league.
Angelina could not detect any evil in Elgyn and Galahad was receiving no responses using his “sight”.
Discussion about assassins reveals Serbitar’s story of Hawk to his brother and Patrick also contributes his encounter with Hawk in the armoury few years back. Raven reveals to Kaherdin Elgyn’s love for jewellery.
They arrived to the Hope in few days time, arriving around noon on the day which Raven needed to produce evidence of Elgyn. Raven informed Kaherdin of everything he knew but try as they might, they were unable to produce any evidence. Serbitar, taking a guise of a mouse, went into Elgyn’s room and observed him chanting over a silver plate filled with seawater.
Kaherdin questioned all the crew about Captain Robert Ramsey seeking an escape clause. He later informed Raven that the only shot they would get was if Raven would call Elgyn out to accept an apology and there Kaherdin would confront him. Raven obliged and informed Ramsey and Elgyn of his intent – summoning them to a meeting on the deck.

Serbitar, a young man, walks the shores and notices red tide of flowers coming in from the sea. He stumbles upon Hawk gathering things of three corpses. Two are them are ruffians and one appears to be a merchant. Serbitar confronts Hawk, who says that the merchant was an assassin, bearing the mark of them, a white stag. The other two were his helpers but Hawk had quickly dispatched of them. He takes a medallion of the merchant and gives to Serbitar, hoping to buy his silence in this matter.

A Siân Dawn

Centric: Angelina Castle

Captain Robert Ramsey lays the rules of the journey down for all the passengers. Firstly, all on board are together vs anything outside the boat, the sea is full of dangerous things and if they are to survive, they must work together – no matter who they are or what they do. Secondly, those who fall overboard are left behind, no questions asked, no exceptions. Thirdly, he is judge, jury and executioner on this boat, king and monarch, alpha and the omega.
Out at sea, the PC’s get to know the crew and the passengers on board. Rhan Jas is a merchant on his way to Skai, John Fuller and his friend Robert Slater are would be heroes who are most impressed to meet the knights and finally the reclusive Lady Thelma who mostly keeps to her chamber.
Overly charming and musical Halfdane, the cook, exchanges stories with everyone, favouring the art of storytelling over facts.
The nights are cold and everyone are affected by that cold, except Patrick as usually. Angelina begins to notice that she is also quite resistant to the cold and also notices her keen eyesight in darkness. Her charm also grows as the voyage lengthens.
Galahad and Raven exchange words, and Galahad opens Raven’s eye to that Raven should not life his life in the eyes of others; that his actions should always be what he thinks is right, never to impress others.
The PC’s meet up to tackle some trust issues after Galahad and Alain have a falling out.
Few days out at sea, Raven notices a signet ring on lady Thelma’s finger, and confronts her as Elgyn. After Elgyn drops the act, Raven goes to Ramsey, who is furious, accusing Raven of rocking his boat. He cares not what people did prior to their arrival to his boat, nor what they do after they leave. This in-unity is unacceptable. Raven claims that Elgyn will try to assassinate them before the ship docks and Ramsey gives him until sundown next day to prove his case.
Bors and Dagonet stay guard at Elgyn’s quarters.
Angelina stays with the captain during the night and just before sunrise, Ramsey points to two cliffs out at see, telling her of Siân and that this would in fact be a spectacular sunrise as the sunbeams break on the cliffs. She mutters “Happy Birthday”

Angelina is twelve years old is playing by the lake with her friends. She wants to go out on the ice but Ben Lundgren advises her not to. She goes ahead however and the ice breaks, she falling in unable to get back out of the water. Ben screams and runs back to the village. Cold grabs hold of her and seconds become eternity. Just when she is about to give up someone grabs her by the arm and pulls her out. The man quickly takes her wet clothes off and holds her close to his chest. She sees is face but then looses consciousness. When she wakes up again her father is there and the stranger had left before he came back.

Angelina is five years old, when her father wakes her up, well before sunrise. She follows her father up the mountain and down to a shore next to the forest. He points out to the sea, in the east, to two cliffs (islands) where the sun is about to come up. He tells her of a great warrior called Siân who was born there and grew to do great and good things. He told her, that once a year, evidentially on her birthday, the sun would rise exactly behind the cliff, forming what is now as a Siân dawn. They watch in silence as the sun rises and the wonderful colours that play joyfully in the sky.
She then always went there on her birthday.

The White Stag

Centric: Patrick Hobb

Athena plays saint on the docks, providing free healing and food and water for those how want, mostly refugees arriving from Kaar. She also starts rebuilding the old temple in the town, that once belong to Joshua Williams.
Raven continues to prepare for the dinner that evening at the Morgan’s estate. Dagonet has the worst hangover ever and Bors clearly remembers Raven buying him and Dagonet a beer. Raven knows he did not, and suspects foul play, someone perhaps the same who poisoned the Queen might have tried to kill Dagonet. It is revealed that Kaherdin had been hot on the trail of the assassin, heading to Seawell, Avalon.
Lucan arrives and asks his niece to accompany them to Oriab. He also is invited to the dinner.
Everyone meet in the dinner, and Elizabeth Morgan reveals her intent to come with them to Oriab. Lucan and she hit it off, and Lucan assumes the role of her bodyguard.
Athena and Raven make a deal with Oskilith to maintain both the Morgan estate and the temple, providing him with ample of gold to secure the job.
The PC’s meet up with Captain Robert Ramsey and first mate Arthur Lewis on board the Hope. All set sail except Serbitar who stays behind to meet Kaherdin.

Oenomaus bequests Patrick to go the arms merchant and pick up swords and shields for the new recruits. Once there, Patrick is surprised to see Hawk there, who is purchasing a bow for a shocking sum of 150 gold pieces. Patrick asks where the money comes from, and Hawk replies that he had been collecting from brigands and orcs for quite some time now. He pays the merchants with a large leather purse, marked by a white stag.


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