Pathfinder LOST

A New Hope

Centric: Raven

The PC’s arrive early evening to the inn A New Hope which is owned by Belloq. Patrick has a faint memory of him but dismisses it. They feel welcome and Belloq serves them well. Raven digs up the name of Vilhem, an elder the knows of Alexander Castle and the rest of the gang. Raven leaves to question him. Bors goes down to the harbour pub, as does Galahad who bargains for a charter to Oriab.
Raven tries to find out what he can about their parents what when he discovers that his birth-mother is still alive in Seawell, Avalon he hurries to meet her. Their happy reunion reveals that she owes money to Oskilith who has been pushing for payment. Raven settles the score with him and makes plan with his mother to have a dinner for the the PC’s and their entourage the next evening.
Galahad makes arrangements for the charter and returns to the inn. Alain went and found Vilhem and invited him to the inn for the feast. The PC’s questioned him about Alexander Castle and the rest of the parents, Carl Harold Hobb, Toby Lundgren,Beorn Eliander, Joshua Williams and Irena Williams, and of course Malaghant who Vilhem told had married Lena, the Queen of the North – quite in contrary to Morgause as the knights had proclaimed.
During the conversation about Malaghant, Galahad angrily stated that Malaghant had, according to some of the older knight ( Lot and Lord Balin in particular) Malaghant had abandoned them to follow some “skirt”. Angelina was deeply offended and stormed to her room, telling Galahad off for his demeaning remarks. Dagonet went looking for Bors, partly to join him for the remainder of the evening.
Galahad went to Angelina room to apologies for his behaviour. Raven returned and told everyone of the dinner next evening, he then went upstairs to tell Angelina. He ran into Galahad exiting her room and, being late in the evening, thought that Galahad and Angelina had slept together. He confronted Galahad on the matter, but they misunderstood one another, Galahad believing him to refer to his offence earlier on. Galahad left embarrassed about his remark toward Malaghant’s wife and Raven left thinking Galahad and Angelina to be a couple.

Morra approaches Raven with a job. He told him about a merchant in the city who refused to pay his protection fee, claiming he did not need it. Morra had dispatched a few ruffians who had promptly gone missing. He wanted to try one last time to bargain with merchant before involving the assassins and gave Raven full access to talk sense into the men.
Raven accept and went to see the merchant, who was a leather-worker. Raven recognized his father work in the merhcant’s shop. The merchant was Loren and he had added his insignia on the leather, a small white stag.
Raven introduced himself as representative of the Guild and offered to let all the debt for the protection disappear and he would only start to pay this month and so forth. Loren was polite and charismatic and declined his offer, stating it was the principle matter for him. Payment would not be made to bullies and he would stand tall, and accept which ever consequences would arise (unknowingly echoing Grimfang’s battle honour). Raven tried as he might to convince him, without ever threatening him, but to no avail. As a parting gift, Loren gave him leather belt, made by Beorn and marked by Loren.
Morra offers Raven to take out Loren, but Raven refuses. Morra notices and mentions the influence
Grimfang is having on Raven but says that it is good. A few weeks later a new merchant has acquired the shop and is paying the fee to the Guild.

In the hall of the Mountain King

Centric: Serbitar

Lancelot and Serbitar journey to Kaar. They travel from Avalon to Skai where they charter a boat to Inquanok. Their voyage takes a few weeks but upon arriving in Kaar, Serbitar sees a land stripped of almost all resources, a barren wasteland with a post-apocalyptical sense to it. For most of the journey, Serbitar remains in animal form.

They head for Vornai and within a few days, they arrive at the capital of Kaar. A keep watches over the city on a nearby mountain and that’s where they head. They are greeted by an angrily-looking Mark Abbaddon who is very displeased to see that only Lancelot is there. He heads into the Throne room, but Serbitar, taking a guise of a mouse, watches from the beams above.

Malaghant sits on his throne, and Serbitar is some-what surprised to see him for the first time, thinking he would look a lot more like the man in Hazuth Kleg. A few other men are presents, which are not entirely please to see Lancelot. Thamuz is the most agitated of them, who sees the arrival of only Lancelot as a clear insult from their “ally” who does not honour their “alliance”. Vetis agrees and demands a reason for this insult from Lancelot. Malaghant ask that his men show a little courtesy to the guest. Lancelot offer his sword on the battlefront, to serve Malaghant until others arrive. Mordred tells that, although Lancelot is respected and his reputation as a great warrior is as equally great, he is just one man.

Serbitar detects no evil in the room, but also decides to detect magic on the member. He senses that Malaghant and Mordred have some kind of protection field over them, perhaps cloaking their alignment.

Lancelot assures that other will follow. Malaghant, always calm and collective, informs Lancelot what an assassination attempt had been made on the Queen. He informs that he knows that she is recovering and an Inquisitor has been named to look into the ranks of the Knights – showing that Malaghant is well informed, receiving information faster then any man could provide without the source of magic. Lancelot is shaken to hear that.

Pinbacker returns from the field as Lancelot s departing. The courtesying greet one another and Serbitar detects no evil from him but senses many protection spells on him. Lancelot leaves to his room, to rest and prepare to go into the field. As he leaves, Pinbacker asks if Lancelot was the whole of what Camelot sent, and Thamuz replies that he gathered that Lancelot offered himself, probably without the knowledge of Camelot, out of embarrassment.

Malaghant dismisses Thamuz, Abbaddon and Vetis; Mordred and Pinbacker only remaining. Serbitar, who was going to see Lancelot, remains for a little while. Pinbacker states that Lancelot is far to little for them to succeed. Although good fighters are useful, there is nothing to feed him nor water him. Mordred insist that there is pointless to wait for Camelot to respond, help will come to late if it comes at all. Malaghat alludes to the possibility that if Lancelot were do die fighting the Horde would there be sympathy for our cause. His stern and motionless face was more then Serbitar could read but this obviously shocked Mordred and Pinbacker. Mordred insist to Malaghant that they must return to plan B, to “wake her up”. Pinbacker agrees with Mordred and both of them drive this argument hard on Malaghant, who finally, although reluctantly agrees. Pinbacker offers to go, but Malaghant refuses him, for his “failure at Hazuth Kleg” and orders, some what disappointed, Mordred to go in his place.

Serbitar meets with Lancelot, who gives him his ring and tells him to give it to Gawain along with a message of what transpired here. Serbitar stays to see where Mordred is headed, takes a look at the Battlefront and leaves for Camelot.

Serbitar arrives at Camelot, in a two weeks time, and asks to meet with King Arthur. He is declined, but Gareth sees him and informs him of the Queen’s illness and what has transpired. They held a meeting at Table where Serbitar relays what has transpired. Upon on revealing the ring, Gawain jumps up and demands that he leaves immediately and asks that everyone how can comes with him. A few join him, but Gareth insist that he does not, trying with all his might to persuade his brother but to no results. He mentions to Gawain that Gaheris would not approve but Gawain, stubborn as he is, does not listen. Serbitar asks what has become of his friends, and hearing from Pellinore that they were departing to Oriab via Seawell, Avalon he requests to leave. Gareth dismisses him, but Gareth is somewhat hopeless to see.

When Serbitar walks out, Lucan stops him and asks to join him. Serbitar agrees but then goes on his own speed, leaving Lucan trailing behind.

Serbitar meets up with the rest of the PC’s Galahad, Bors and Dagonet just out side of Seawell, Avalon. Serbitar relays all to Raven and Angelina but tries to keep it from the others. They continue the journey to Seawell, reaching it just before nightfall.

Serbitar, a yound man, is on his trip to the city where Garland Tarn received the sword from Algae Wand Rant. After handing the sword to Rothchild, Garland hands Serbitar 30 silver coins, more money that Serbitar had ever seen, and tells him to find something to buy on the market. Garland then leaves with Marshal
Serbitar walk around for a bit, but a hustler gambling with cups and ball catches his attention. The hustler informs, with a small lisp, the that minimum wager is 10 silver.
Serbitar gambles away all his silver in three games but Garland arrives to see him lose his last coins. Garland leads Serbitar away, telling him “not to play their games, you can never win.”

The Accused

Centric: Alain Uskinglass

The PC’s and the knights arrive at Hamlet and find that Kay and Lot have done a good job continuing the reformation of the fief. Lot welcomes the PC and sends the knights to their quarters, wanting to speak to them in private. He congratulates them on the quest and informs them that matters have gone worse in Camelot. The Queen had been poisoned and, although she had been stabilized, the Table had pointed Kaherdin as an Inquisitor. He would arrive to Hamlet in the morning, and had requested that PC’s would stay put until he had an opportunity to speak with them. Lot noticed quite a paranoia in Raven and Alain, who were concern on the matter of being placed under house arrest until Kaherdin arrived and after the meeting reported that to Kaherdin who had arrived earlier that morning, and was now questioning the knights who had been in Angelina’s quest.

Lot also inform the PC’s that the King was furious over the matter and there was also a reason why Kay would not greet them, as the Queen had accused one of the PC’s (not saying or knowing who he/she was, Lot said no more of the matter). The PC’s were concerned about this Kaherdin character, and Lot relaid that although he was quite controversial, he had respect and trust of both King Arthur and Gareth and as Inquisitor he had the King’s Authority while investigating the matter. Raven suggested bolting Hamlet before Kaherdin’s arrival but Lot said that would only fuel his suspicion, and quite frankly, no one had ever eluded Kaherdin for long.

After the meeting Angelina approached Galahad and asked about Kaherdin and if they should be worried. Galahad replied that if the Queen had identified the “killer” and Kaherdin asked to speak with them, it would be fair to assume Kaherdin was not entirely convinced on the identity of the assassin. He also said, that although he did not approve of Kaherdin’s methods, they were quite effective and he had never failed to bring the guilty party to justice. In this Angelina found comfort, as she had nothing to hide.

The morning, over breakfast, Kaherdin entered and courtly introduced himself. He was polite and suave, complimenting the food and making pleasant conversation. He then produce a large book in which he diligently wrote what transpired, even pausing his “witness” while he wrote in the book. He was in no hurry to address the assassination attempt on the Queen, and asked many questions referring to their trip in this world. He played ignorance when he perfectly knew the answers thus learning the ticks of the PC’s lie. He played in ludicrous accusations to see their responses and tested them to extreme.

When address about the assassination, he refer that it was quite clear that the assassin had not been from Avalon, so naturally he had apprehended all visitors in Camelot and brought them to the dungeons for interrogation (LIE). This cause Alain to demand to know what he had done with Parks. (Now Kaherdin knew that Parks was a good friend to Alain, and he had been hearing less the good things about Park in Camelot). To answer Alain, Kaherdin jested that this had mean a small matter and would not be of concern. Alain was furious and proclaimed Parks to be a good man. Kaherdin dropped his pleasant demeanour and consulted his journal, Alain glanced at it and saw that the book was clearly written in code or simply gibberish. Kaherdin after a moment where Alain pondered what he was reading, asked about the wager, and the “hustle” of Gareth’s wife, Lady Lynette and wondered if that was the deeds of a “good” man, looking to Angelina, whom he was lead to believe had impeccable morals. He then address the issue of Alain proclaiming to be Alain Tupalov, bearing the signet ring, thus lying about who he is. This lead to heated arguments and Angelina’s proclamation of hwo silly Alain could behave.

When Kaherdin address the poison used, he asked politely which one in this group carried poison, mentioning a faint smell in the air. Raven confessed that that is was he. Kaherdin fainted surprise and thank him for his honesty. He then address the danger of carrying poison and the necessity of knowing how to handle them. Raven stated that he knew, because he had been a part of a thief guild a long time ago. Kaherdin noted that in his journal and waited for a moment, letting the info settle in with Raven’s comrades. Then he stated that there was a special branch of thieves that specialized in the use of poisons, snapping finger trying to recall what they were called…Raven filled in the blank with the word “assassins” and confessed that he had in fact been operating in that part. Kaherdin procured a sample from Raven’s poison.

Kaherdin also got Athena to confess that her “evil” spell included a spell capable of slowing down the effects of poison, that Alain could render himself and others invisible to the eye and many more incriminating things. He later revealed that the Queen had identified Athena as the last one to be admitted in her chambers, bringing a herbal mixture for the baby. The PC’s gave a few scenarios on how they would have killed the Queen if that had been the plan, which was absolutely preposterous.

At last Kaherdin apologised for the deception and concluded that her was fairly convinced that they were innocent. He would report that, at his convenience, to the court but strongly advised keeping away from Gareth, Kay or Arthur for the time being.

The PC’s concluded that the next course of action was to head for Seawell, Avalon and from there take a boat to Oriab to seek Renton. Of the knights three followed: Galahad, Dagonet and Bors. The others went their way to Camelot and Pellinore vowed to maintain their innocent at the Table.

Young Alain is walking in the town. A faire is town and Seawell is bustling with activity. Alain falls in love with exotic looking woman that beats Toby Lundgren in an arm wrestle. In fact she is skimming his money and stirring quite a scene – old Toby is furious, accusing her of cheating in some way. Alexander Castle walk to the scene and ask what the problem is. She jests that Toby is a sore loser, being humiliated by a woman. Alexander sizes her up and looks at Toby is burning up with anger. He then looks back at the woman, tosses to her a purse filled with coins, ordering her to leave town and never come back. She smiles and blows Toby a kiss – turning back and leaving.
Alain follows her to her horse. She notices him and smiles to him, saying she will size him up one day.

Along came a Human

Centric: Raven

The fight in Atlach-Nacha’s lair continues. The PC’ and their entourage find themselves trapped in a dead end. A wall has been laid in one opening and Dagonet starts breaking it down, after a few failed attempts from Alain and Athena to cast spells to break it down. Spiders surround them from all directions and Alain and Athena build a fire wall to limit their approach. Lionel is turned to stone before Dagonet breaks down a hole in the wall. Rushing trough, Pellinore valiantly offers to stand in the hole, buying time for the other. Feirefiz pushes them forward and the PC look upon Pellinore with honour and say farewell to him.

The PC reach Atlach-Nacha inner sanctum. Giant spiders attack and are dispatch in a few minutes. The group is badly injured and running low on juice. Then a beautiful woman appears asking about their business here. Before anyone can speak Raven attacks. The woman transforms into a giant spider which attacks the PC and summons spiders to her aid. Bors attacks the spiders while the other hack on the godlike being. Galahad and Angelina both smile evil on her but before she falls dead on Angelina’s smote, Feirefiz fall dead.

After the fight, they rush to Feirefiz. Athena cast her raise dead spell after attempting to heal him, but finds out that, him being killed by a god has no way of returning as his soul is forever lost. She lies about it, telling the others that Feirefiz found peace in the afterlife and does not wish to return. All believe her, but when they head back, Galahad asks her to elaborate. He saw that she was lying and she told him the truth. He said that he understood why she did what she did and was in fact grateful she did.

They made camp there and allow Athena to rest and regain her spells. All were shocked in astonishment when Pellinore returned claiming that the spiders had all bolted at one time, and then he had known that the mission was a success. He honoured Feirefiz and when Athena woke up she removed the petrification from the knights. Alain watched in astonishment, ask Athena if that was something she could do but said nothing of his “mother”.

They all made their way toward Hamlet.

Raven and Donnie were having a fun time in city when they met a big burly half-orc in one of the taverns. Donnie was intimidated by the half-orc but Raven proclaimed him being the ugliest humanoid he had ever seen. The half-orc did not like that, but Raven asked for his name. The half-orc told his name, which is unpronounceable but sounds like Grimfang, which made Raven laugh even harder. Without further ado Grimfang proceeded in beating Raven to a pulp, Donnie did what he could but was knocked out right away.

Later, when Raven superior in the guild saw Raven, he told him he was going to teach him how to defend himself. Morra took him to the guild house and introduced Raven to his new teacher in hand-to-hand combat, Grimfang. When he saw the face Grimfang made, he asked Grimfang “More dread,eh?”

Surprisingly Raven and Grimfang became good friends as time went by.


Centric: Patrick Hobb

While Raven and Angelinawere with Sabio, Patrick had his questions for the surviving Tcho-Tcho. While they were speaking Patrick felt a strong urge of justice flow through him when he discovered that the beast filed his tooth so he could more easily eat human flesh. But he bit his lip, held his halberd and got covered in blood, brains and bones as the Tcho-tcho imploded all over the cave. This woke Alain who asked promptly what Patrick had done.

When Raven and Angelina return and saw the mess, they realized they were witnessing Sabio’s power. Sabio had also open the way out for them, so the PC’s rushed down to Hamlet and from there straight to Camelot. When they arrived there and rejoined with Athena, they learned that the Queen had suffered some strange illness and that King Arthur was not leaving her sight. Gareth was pretty much running things so they met him and the rest of the knights for emergency briefing.

The brothers Balan and Balin had also just return from behind the wall, and offered some intelligence about the Horde. For the first time, Camelot learned that the Horde was not a brainless horde of zombies, but a controlled army lead by what appeared to them as devils and necromancer. They were eager to go back into the breach. Patrick confirm that Philo Gant’s journal also stated that the Horde was lead by Kadathians.

Angelina revealed the existence of Renton, a powerful being that could provide helpful in the coming battle. She presented the quest of slaying Atlach-Nacha as an important prerequisite and volunteered to lead that quest along with any and all who would join her. The first one to volunteer was Pellinore but right behind him were Galahad, Bors who also volunteered Dagonet, Dinadan, Feirefiz, Lionel and Erec. With the blessing of the Table, they left the following morning. In precaution of the pit under Hamlet, Gareth ordered Lot and Kay to muster a sizeable army to protect it.

The group arrived an went into the cave where they met Sabio the first time. Sabio was nowhere to be found but they found a few items left behind to help them in the fight. Also they found a new passage, which Sabio had constructed for the which laid directly into Atlach-Nacha’s lair. They were ambushed by giant spiders, some of them firing from their eyes electricity, fire, cold bolt or even petrification. Alain threw an electrical ball that he knew did not harm good people but both Dinadan and Feirefiz were wounded by it. Dinadan was turned to stone in the first fight, but Athena revealed she could save him out after a good nights rest. Feirefiz insisted pushing forward, that the mission was more important then any of them.

Another ambush of spiders, the next batch even tougher came a few hundred feet deeper in. After that fight, Erec was turned to stone and the rest were badly wounded, Athena spells working overtime keeping them healed.


Patrick was standing before a throne room. He realized that this was one of Yuri’s memory; this had been increasing of late. He saw a nervous young man standing next to him and an imposing silent Lord sitting on a throne. They are telling the Lord that the requested aid will not be able to reach them as sea travels are too dangerous. One man in the Lord ranks is furious over this matter and another agrees that diplomatic relations with them should be ceased. The Lord denies that, diplomatic relation will continue but tell the young man and Yuri to relay all that they had heard there today to their superiors.


Centric: Athena Williams

Raven, aided by spell cast by Alain. He discovers a group of four small humanoids and after alerting the rest of the PC’s they attack. Sneaking up on the enemy proved pointless. The beings had spell-casters and at one time a spell made the earth shake. Killing three of the beings, the PC’s were able to capture one of the humanoid alive, albeit unconscious. Going through the loot, nothing new was discovered except human remains were near the camp-fire – bones chewed on. Scouting the cave, Raven found out that the shake had caused the way in to collapse – trapping them in with only a dark hole as the way out.

Patrick and Alain were depleted and almost fell unconscious from exhaustion. Raven interrogated the remaining humanoid while Angelina stood guard. They discovered that the man was a Tcho-Tcho from Leng. He told that he worked for Philo Gant, had been recruited by a Kadathian by the name of Pinbreaker, leader of The Undead Horde. Their mission here was threefold; firstly to establish communication with the Kingdom of the Gugs and allow passage for the Horde under the wall. Secondly to find a valuable item for Philo, (Raven suggested that it was ultimately for Mordred based on Patrick’s interpretation of Gant’s journal). Thirdly to wreck havoc on the farmers.

The Tcho-Tcho knew nothing of the item, except allegedly it was hidden in these parts. He told Raven that a part of their group, including a Kadathian, had travelled ahead to the Gugs and would reach them in a matter of days. He also talked about a dangerous being called Sabio, named the hermit, who lived in these parts. Thinking an enemy of my enemy is my friend, Raven suggest seeking help from the hermit.

Raven and Angelina went down the dark hole, after waking Patrick and instructing him to keep an eye on the Tcho-Tcho. 60 feet down they discovered a passage leading to a garden inside a cave, where artificial daylight sustained growth and animals. There they meet a man, who claimed to be Sabio. He showed same powers as Kuranes had and claimed to remember him, referring him as morbid. He also said that they could not stay together for long without something weird to happen. He cared not for the wars on the surface and claimed he had seen much over the centuries, he did not concern himself with it. He lived here in solitude, contend and happy. Every once in a while he would venture up, seeking a good book or new flavours in food, but a side from that he had everything he wanted. Asked if there were any else (like him and Kuranes) that could help, Sabio mentioned a Renton who had always been quite partial to the coming and goings of men.

When the PC’s asked him to intervene in the group travelling to Gugs, Sabio claimed that he cared not for Avalon but he could take of it for a price, slaying a spider that had been a pestilence the last millennium or so. For some reason, he could not explain, he had been unable to dispatch of it himself, he alluded that it may have been on the account of the spider being Atlach-Nacha. If the PC would dispatch of her, which would be no easy thing, he would tell them where they would find Renton and he would dispatch of the party travelling to the Gugs. Raven wondered if that would be difficult, he blinked his eyes and claimed that the one in their camp had been dealt with.

Meanwhile, Athena was returning to Camelot. She asked for permission to resurrect Esclabor and it was granted; much talk was about the evil source of the spell-casting – info provided by Galahad but all were in agreement that resurrection and healing had to be good. The spell worked and dazzled Esclabor asked to be relieved from his post as knight and return to his family.

Athena met with Morgan Tud, wanting to find out more about why Galahad is detecting evil from his spells. Morgan was returning somewhat unexpectedly from the wall and he relayed information to Athena about the pantheon of Gods, Nath-Horthath in particular. They agreed to meet the next morning as Morgan had prepared spells for the tests but he cancelled because of the Queen’s sudden illness.

Athena is helping the glass-maker constructing the stained glass window in the church. The work has taken a few weeks and is almost completed. In gratitude for her labour, Algae constructs a hand-held mirror for her. He presents it to her, warning her that is may lie. Puzzled, he explains that, although he shows her how she looks like, is always mirrors the reflection. Right for example becomes left. They depart, never to see again.

Into the Deep

Centric: Angelina Castle

Before arriving to Hamlet Athena has a realization about Esclabor and heads back to Camelot, explaining very little. The PC’s and Dinadan arrive at Hamlet and are greeted by Tarkin, the lord of the estate. At that time, Raven and Dinadan have been drinking a lot and over dinner, Raven passes out. Tarkin’s second in command Philo Gant is at the table and Angelina’s evil sense tingles both because of him and Tarkin. After tip-toeing around the subject Dinadan drunkly confronts Tarkin and Philo is enraged. Philo orders his rogues to attack and a fight, costing both Philo and Tarkin their lives, initiates.

In the aftermath, the PC’s discover that Philo, has been unleashing brutality upon the fiefdom. He has a dungeon, where he repeatedly tortured people (and kept a very vividly descriptive ledger about his discoveries). Also there was a well in the dungeon where according to the ledger a monster lived and was kept at bay by regular human offering. In the ledger, Philo mentioned correspondence with Malaghant, Mordred and King Arthur, making it difficult to spot where his loyalty laid. He mentioned however, he was looking for an item for Mordred in the mountains as well as seeking a way for The Undead Horde to pass the wall, by going underneath it, through the kingdom of the Gugs.
He had dispatched his servants to do this, who where continually menacing the surrounding countryside.

After a quick stabilization of the fiefdom, and entrusting a now sober Dinadan to govern it, the PC head into the mountains and search for the servants. After being attacked by giant wolves, they track back to a cave and upon entering it they look for Philo’s emissaries.

After a boy teases her, Alexander stops his daughter from beating him to a pulp. He is furious with his daughter, demanding to know what that was about. Angelina angrily replies that the boy was disgraecful and she demanding that the boy show her the respect she deserves, pointing out that no-one dares to talk like that to him because he is a tough fighter. Calmly Alexander points out to her daughter what the respect he received (not demanded) from the villagers was not because he was tough, nor that he was a fighter nor that he protected them. His respect was earned by humility, by showing the villagers that he was not superior to them in anyway – that he was in fact not in the slightest way more important then any of them. “Humility comes before Honour.”


Centric: Alain

Back in Riinar where Alain, under the guise of Alain Tupalov, has been quite busy with Parks and Torrent to rebuild Riinar as a free and independent city. They are surprised on the date people for Hazuth Kleg start pouring in, speaking about the Horde that has reach the city and are coming this way. A knight from Avalon is amongst them and he speaks to the trio about evacuating the city at once. Ships are called in and Alain takes the “statue” of “his mother” along to Baharna. Stopping there for a short while, Alain places the statue in the care of Idomenea then continues with Parks and Percival toward Avalon. A few weeks later, Alain joins his friends in Camelot and is surprised to learn that only a few weeks have passed, but for him, a few months, almost a year has passed. He joins Raven in the dungeon, speaking with Wade.

The following day, the finals of the the tournament conclude with a fight between Angelina and Gawain. Angelina dispatches the horse from beneath Gawain and charges him on horse. Gawain show great tactics backing up against the corner and eventually wins a yet another tournament. Angelina, however has earned the respect of the knights as a force to be reckoned with.

Group 11 vs. Group 12
Angelina Gawain
Angelina Gawain

Prior to the fight Parks and Alain wager on the fight, Alain wager on Angelina and looses. Parks demands in honor of the wager, that Alain seduces and sleeps with Lady Lynette before two weeks time. Alain tries to that night but as Lady Lynette is with the Queen, he is denied access.

That night, the council agrees with Elyan to execute Wade. When he, Raven and a few guards go to the dungeon to execute the judgment, Wade has escaped killing Esclabor in the process.

King Arthur bequests that Angelina carries out an assignment for him. For a few week, disturbing rumors have been coming from Hamlet about that its governor
has been embezzling as tributes there have been little. Angelina assembles the PC and Dinadan offers to escort them. They leave in the morning and arrive three days later.

A strangely dressed knight arrives in Seawell and stays at the inn. Alain serves him and the stranger comments on his sword, which has served him well for twenty years. Now, on his final quest, he learns of a sword, specially designed for him. He is conflicted if he should take it or not, because of the loyalty he has for the older sword. And as his days of adventures come to conclusion, which sword would be remembered as his (and thus passing onward to his kin), the old or the new. He reaches the decision in his conversation with Alain, that the old sword is his sword, as it has served him for all those years.

Warrior's Honour

Centric: Patrick

The tournament continues and in the semi finals Galahad and Lancelot face Angelina and Gawain. Galahad faces Angelina and Gawain meets Lancelot. After dispatching the most renowned fighter of them all, Gawain teams up with Angelina who defeats Galahad, advancing to the final against Gawain. She jests with Galahad, who is nothing if not a sore loser.

Group 9 vs. Group 10
Angelina Galahad
Angelina Galahad
Gawain Lancelot
Gawain Lancelot

Patrick is in the city guards, just started and meets Oenomaus who tests him up against a beautiful noble woman. Fighting with sword and shields, the woman humiliates Patrick again and again in combat. After a disgraceful day, Oenomaus comes to Patrick and gives him a halberd, telling him to try this on for size.

Later Oenomaus tells him and the guards that on the field, a warrior has one friend, the one standing next to him. One honor, respect for your opponent. One goal, walking out alive with your friends. And although wars a fought with weapons, they are won by men.


Centric: Raven

The tournament continues. Reaching onward to the semifinals from the former fight are Galahad and Angelina. From the other fight, Gawain and Lancelot advance to the semifinals.

Group 5 vs. Group 6
Galahad Bors
Galahad Bors de Ganis
Angelina Sagramore
Angelina Sagramore
Group 7 vs. Group 8
Lancelot Safir
Lancelot Safir
Gawain Dagonet
Gawain Dagonet

Later that night Tristram arrives with the sole survivor of the Legion’s emissary. Before presenting him to the court, he states that the survivor is “off”. When asked to elaborate on that, Tristram remains silent. When the man is entered before the knights, Angelina detects his evil, and the expression on Galahad’s face does not hide is expression on the survivor. Raven, however quickly mistakes him for Donnie and shouts his name. The survivor quickly glances at Raven and shouts out Raven. When Raven hugs him, “Donnie” acts surprised and claims he does not know him (although he kinda “reminds me of that slasher-guy”) , arguing that although his name is not Raven, he would like to be called that – but clearly he would have chosen the name Phoenix, but “she” would be quite upset, Falcon and Hawk were also nice but not nearly as cool as Raven. He rambles on for quite a few minutes about his wanna be name; the “off-ness” Tristram referred to slowly sinks in. Lancelot confirm that he is one of Malaghant’s men, a man called Andras.

During this long conversation, he reveals his name is Wade. His is a mercenary, trained killer and a first class douche bag. He has no idea how he got there and upon seeing himself in a mirror, is fascinated by how beautiful he is – explaining he wore a mask on the account of how scarred he was. He puzzles himself if he is in a book, comic or a film. The knight one by one come to the conclusion that he is insane. Then he claims to have masturbated over the corpses of dead children, rising hatred in the court. Upon receiving an answer where he is, he faintly remembers Lancelot “banging” the Queen – thus tipping Elyan, the Queen’s brother, from unfriendly to hostile. The other knight become quite awfully quite. The prisoner is taken to the dungeon and awaits his sentence.

Elyan quickly demands that the council executes him as soon as possible for this insult on the Queen. Raven steps up and defends Wade to his best abilities. Elyan is firm but agrees that the votes should be cast tomorrow evening, without discussion taking place, as it had already taken place. Arthur agrees and Raven spends the evening with Wade pumping him for every information he could – although skimming through it as the facts are filled with bullshit and corrupted information.

Raven is at the pawnshop, pawning away the items he stole from his father when leaving Seawell. Amongst them is a quite valuable amulet of a sword. His friend Donny is there with him and later that night they hit the bender. As the purse get lighter, Raven cut-purse a wealthy-looking merchant who grabs his hand and look coldly at him. “Strange meeting you here”. He asks Raven for the purse and upon receiving it he says “You don’t got what it takes.”


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