Raven's signature item, a studded leather armor, colored as black as his hair.


Shade is refereed to by most as: Moonless Night

But this is not the artifact it is assumed to be, so Moonless Night is merely what others call it. Unbeknownst to Phoenix, Shade is not an armor at all. It is actually a living being just waiting to make it’s presence known. It’s, or should I say his, name is Shade.

Shade is perceived as a raven black studded leather armor that is constantly changing it’s appearance, in slight ways albeit. In extreme terrain or weather conditions it will be crude and ruff. In pleasant terrain and weather conditions it has subtle lines and a sleek look about it, if needed even going to the point of looking regal.

He offers Phoenix, and only him, certain abilities and extensions of his already formidable abilities. What he offers Phoenix is:

  1. His AC is raised by 2
  2. He gains 3 in Dexterity
  3. He gains 1 in Strength
  4. His Perception skill is raised by 5
  5. His Bluff skill is raised by 5
  6. His Stealth skill is raised by 5
  7. His Acrobatics skill is raised by 5
  8. His Escape Artist skill is raised by 5
  9. His Sense Motive skill is raised by 4
  10. His Diplomacy skill is raised by 2
  11. His Saving Throws are raised by 2
  12. He can cast True Strike 6 times a day
  13. He can cast Shield 3 times a day
  14. He can cast Align Weapon 3 times a day
  15. Shade appears to have the Int of 11 and Wis of 12…appears ;)

He will offer Phoenix more, when he further proves himself worthy to wear Shade


Eons and eons ago…


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