Ring of the Father

Gold Ring of Oak Leafs intervined


Level 4: Command word Mage armor. Lasts 1 hour. Armor bonus AC +4. Once per day.

Level 6: Command word Shield. Lasts 2 Min.(20 rounds). Shield bonus +4 Immunity Magic Missile. Once per day

Level 6: Total Charisma bonus +1

Level 7: Acts as a ring of Sustanance. (only need to sleep 2 hours, no need for food and water.)

Level 8: Total Charisma bonus +2

Level 9: Total Wisdom bonus +2

Level 11: Total Natural Armour Bonus +2

Level 11: Total Constitution Bonus +2

Level 11: Muleback Cords(+8 str vs encumbrance)

Level 11: Campfire Bead (makes a campfire that lasts for 8 hours. Regen 2x time used.)


A powerful magical item created by a father to help a his daughter learn the life of his kind and to help protect her in her dire most time of need. The ring grows with the power of his girl. In her few hours of sleep she talks with the memories of her father and learns from him.

Ring of the Father

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