Thomas Castle

Alexander Castle's younger brother and Angelina's uncle.


Alexander’s Castle younger brother, and Angelina’s uncle.


Constantly refers to Angelina as “his princess”.

In The Glass Ballerina he gives her niece a glass ballerina. Later that evening he argues with his brother that Angelina should be raised as the Lady she is not a warrior. Alexander notes that the path was chosen for her, Thomas replied that one decides his fates.

In Dark Days the PC meet up with him on the road from Celephais to Hazuth Kleg. He tell’s, that after going through a fog, he arrived at an old town called Ulthar where he met Garland Tarn. He made his way to Baharna, there to Andahad and finally to the newly established village where the survivors of Seawell where. The people there look to him for guardianship since his brother was dead.
He started his search for the PC and made his way to Riinar. When Raven ask Thomas if he had seen his brother, Thomas claimed him to be a bounty hunter in Riinar.
He pleaded his niece to seek out Garland Tarn in Ulthar and after wishing the PC good look, he returned to village.


  • According to Vilhem, Thomas arrived along with his brother to Seawell, Avalon. There he was quiet and reclusive, always in his brothers shadow.

Appears in:
The Glass Ballerina
Dark Days

Thomas Castle

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