Only daughter of Davos and Catherine.

In The Honourary Candidate she is seated on the same table as the PC, along with her parents. Between her and Leon sparks love and Alain mistakes her for Valisy. Her bodyguard stirs up quite a bit amongst the PC. She is appointed the Candidate to travel to Mount Ngrana to be sacrificed to Karakal. Angelina demands that the Chosen Ones (PC) escort her and her father backs it up.

When arriving to Mount Ngrana, seh does not come with PC to Noden. He in fact says he does not care what happened to her. A deal is struck with Noden to free her, and she appears with the PC’s in The Glass Ballerina at the foot of the mountain. Returning home, the PC convince the High Council in Baharna to release her from the sacrificial obligations. Her father courtly asks that Leon leaves, after finding out that he was chosen of Nyarlathotep

She remained at her father’s side when the PC’s sailed from Baharna toward Celephais.

In The slaying of the Monster the PC find out she married a merchant in Andahad and has two children with him.

Appears in:
The Honourary Candidate
The Hunt
The Glass Ballerina
Across the Sea


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