Avatar of Snid.

Handsome, cold eyes and fierce determination. Has a small lisp when speaking.


In The Pilot he appears in white garbs. He has been informed of Malaghant intention to wake her up . To the first man’s reaction he determinately replies that he has a plan.

In What dreams may come he appears to Raven in the assassin Guild in the guise of an assassin. There he informed Raven that he was on the wrong path and that he didn’t have what it takes. He also says that he should not be here.

In In the hall of the Mountain King he appeared to Serbitar in the guise of a street trickster. He conned all the silver out of young Serbitar with three cups and a ball. Garland Tarn advised Serbitar not to play their games, as he would always lose.

In A Siân Dawn he appeared to Angelina when she fell through the ice on the lake near Seawell. He grabbed her hand, pulling her out of the icy water. When her father arrived, Snid was gone.


  • Tricked godhood out of Mask
  • Killed Mask and took his godhood for his own
  • Killed Lilith and took her powers for his own
  • Killed Yig and took his powers for his own
  • Lover of Bast
  • Lover of Lilith
  • Main enforcer for Nyarlathotep
  • Responsible for the arrival of the Chosen Ones
  • Leader of the Companions
  • is a good god
  • is a neutral god
  • is an evil god
  • sworn enemy of Nath-Horthath
  • responsible for all the rumors about Snid
  • one of few who could outsmart Noden
  • was once a human before conning out godhood
  • killed Tamash and took his power for his own

Appeared in:
The Pilot
What dreams may come
Farewell to Arms
In the hall of the Mountain King
A Siân Dawn


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