Born on a small isle with two peaks, this man rises to become one of the greatest warriors ever to walk the plains. Born on a day when the sun breaks on the two peaks forming a spectacular show of light and colour, this phenomenon is callen Siân dawn.


A warrior of great renown.

In Loyalties he arrives in the inn in Seawell. He has a meaningful conversation with young Alain about his trustful sword, and that he is on a current quest to replace this family heirloom with a new sword.

In Two for the Road he arrives in Seawell along with Thomas Castle and shares a few words with Angelina before heading toward the inn.

In Strangers in a Strange Land he meets with a black man in a tower in an unknown city. He receives a quest to claim a sword, meant for great things and to travel with Thomas Castle to another world. After receiving the task and leaving, the black man turns out to be Snid

Appears in:
Two for the Road
Strangers in a Strange Land


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