5'7'' and slender. Suffers from albinism. Usually dresses in homespun woolen clothing in rather drab colors. His face is thin and long with a hawklike nose.Eyes are red but have a brownish green color due to a herbal mixture.


Human Druid lvl 4

Alignment: NG

Abilities Saves Combat
Str 13 ( +1 ) Fort 5 HP 33 Speed 20
Dex 17 ( +3 ) Ref 4 AC 18 CMB 4
Con 13 ( +1 ) Will 9 Touch 13 CMD 17
Int 15 ( +2 ) Flat footed 15 BAB 3
Wis 20 ( +5 )
Cha 16 ( +3 )
Weapon Attack Bonus Damage Critical Type Range Ammunition
Quarterstaff single wpn 8 1d6+1 x2 B NA NA
Quarterstaff double wpn 6/6 1d6+1 and 1d6 x2 B NA NA
Sling 6 1d4+1 x2 B 50 20

Armor Bonus Check Penalty Weight Speed:
Red Dragonhide Armor(Signature Item) +5 -2 25lbs 20’
Armor bonus (enhancement) +1
Bonus Spell 1st lvl
Skill bonus Knowledge(local) +2

lvl #^1^ DC^2^
0 4 15
1 4 16
2 3 17
1 1 domain spell/lvl
2 +1 for conjuration spells
Climb 6
Heal 12
Geography 6
Local 3
Nature 11
Religion 2
Perception 12
Herbalist 10
Spellcraft 8
Survival 14
Swim 5
Feats Description
Intuitive Strike substitute wis mod for str mod when attacking
Two Weapon fighting lessen the penalty for dbl weapon or 2 weapon fighting
Spell Focus (Conj) +1 save DC when casting spells from this school
Augment Summoning +4 STR and CON to summoned creatures
Fast Wild Shape from Complete Divine. Prerequisite for next feat
Swift Wild Shape from Complete Champion. Use Wild Shape as a swift action
DM Feats Description
Favored of the Companions +1/1 pr day on a “good deed” roll.
Scent of Evil Detects evil w/scent. Range 30’;Downwind 60’;Upwind 15’
Flaws Description
Bad Reputation bad luck;-4 to Cha checks; NPC’s never more than friendly
Colorblind only sees in black and white
Disfigurement Easily noticed and remembered; wild shape is also an albino
Intolerant of Necromancy -4 on all social based rolls and checks regarding it
Jump to conclusion No retry on failed skill check until following day
Loner Unable to have an animal companion
Special Abilities
Weather domain
Storm burst(SP) RTA; 30’; 1 foe 1d6+1/2lvls nonlethal dmg and -2 atk/1round.
Druid abilities
Nature Bond Weather Domain. 1 extra spell pr lvl. Must be domain spell
Nature Sense +2 on Knowledge(nature) and Survival checks
Orisons Can prepare a number of 0 lvl spells that are not expended when cast
Wild Empathy Diplomacy check (1d20+Cha+druid lvl) to improve attitude of animal or magical beast with 1 or 2 Int
Woodland Stride Move through natural undergrowth without dmg or penalties and at normal speed
Trackless Step No trail in natural surroundings. Can leave a trail if he so desires.
Wild Shape(1/day) Can change into any Small or Medium animal. Works like “beast shape I” spell except has duration 1 hr/lvl.

(*Caracter name and elements of both appearance and back story borrowed from the book “Legend” by David Gemmell)


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