Robert Parks

After infiltrating the East Side Gang in Riinar, Parks helped bring down all 4 gangs and is currently second in charge of the rebuilding of Riinar.


Parks couldn’t stand the fact that gangs ran his fair city so he came up with a plan to make some changes. He got himself assigned as an the right hand man for Bishop, the leader of the East Side Gang in Riinar. From there he was able to help take down the gangs from the inside.

Parks did all the work for the East Side Gang, he ran it from A to Z. Guess that’s the only thing that Parks and Varick had in common; doing all the administrative work in their respective gangs but still only being right hand men.

The PC meet see him first in Fallout as he enters the bar the PC are visiting. He is collecting protection fees and promptly leaves, giving Alain a glare of reconization. They later find out that Parks along with Torrent are the source of rebellion against the four families.

He, along with Torrent and Yuri, were the ones to slay Alain Tupalov, son of Tupalov some years back.

He took part in the Showdown when the heads of the four families were arrested and fended of a few guards. In the aftermath of the arrests, Raven suggested to Parks to form a Guild to handle all the underground activities in Riinar. Though Athena’s need for silver, 500 gold pieces were a good start for the guild.
Raven also presented Parks with documents stole from the Slaver in Baharna. A plan was made to contact local pirates and instructing them to hit these ships, claiming all the valuables for themselves and providing free people to Riinar for the rebuilding.

Alain and Parks became friends, as Alain took the guise of Alain Tupalov to provide the people with a familiar face from the past for the rebuilding of Riinar. Parks endorsed Alain’s idea but Torrent reluctantly went along with it.

When Percivale came with the news of The Undead Horde and the fall of Celephais Parks evacuated to Baharna with Torrent and Alain. Alain continued with Percival ad believed Parks was with him, when in fact it was Elgyn in guise of Parks.

In Defiance Raven meets up with Parks, who has grown 6 years in a few months, as a fence in Baharna, replacing the now deceased Philip. He warns Raven of the bounty on his head.

Appears in:
Farewell to Arms
Loyalties as Elgyn

Robert Parks

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