Raven's first real girlfriend, but truly loyal to the thieves guild.



When Raven was 15 he met Rebecca and fell head over heals for her. They were together for 2 years. He talked with her about his passion, architecture, and his dream to go straight. Raven wanted to quit the life of a thief and at first Rebecca supported him. But her loyalties were to their thieves guild first and Raven second. Rebecca revealed to the guild Raven’s plans and they made sure to reign in his loyalties and keep him from leaving. They orchestrated a show, in which they made Rebecca pretend that she had never loved him and that she had only been pretending so she could learn his inner most secrets for the guild to ensure his permanent loyalty. She was to say that their whole relationship had only been about this, this was the guilds payback for Raven’s treasonous thoughts. Raven never got over her, but then again neither did Rebecca.

After this Raven completely lost it and somehow ended up working for the assassin part of the guild.


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