A larger than life rogue torn by his sinister past, striving for redemption.


You’ll almost never see Raven without his iconic grin.

Lvl 13 Chaotic Good Rogue with 141 Hit Points.

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
13/14 with Shade 19/22 with Shade 15/16 with Shade 16 13/14 with Shade 18

Raven Eliander is a 21 year old human (and still is) male, 1 meter and 86 centimeters at height, with flint black hair and abs that are only achievable nowadays with CG methods (as Brad Pitt can verify). His ass could only be described by someone who’s seen Eric Bana’s bare naked butt. Raven used to have emerald green eyes but when Galahad raised Raven from the dead 3 days after Lamorak killed him, Raven’s eyes had turned ghost blue. The rebirth ceremony had changed him. Subsequently Raven asked Angelina to tattoo a raven turning into a phoenix on his back and flames writhing all over his body. Almost his entire body, besides his face, is covered in this seemingly single tattoo of a phoenix and his massive flame guard. On both sides of his neck, Raven’s tattoo appears as the tip of a flame, very similar to George Clooney’s tattoo’s in From Dusk Till Dawn. The transformation of the rebirth ceremony was so great that Raven even got Galahad to christen him again, and was reborn as Phoenix.

Raven is a quick learner and extremely focused when something strikes his interest. He’s also very disciplined, taking time every day to work out. His skills are:

Skill: Ability Modifier + Rank + Misc. Mod. = Total
Acrobatics: 4/(6 with Shade) + 12 + 3 (+ 5 with Shade) = 19 / (26)
Appraise: 3 + 10 + 3 = 16
Bluff: 3 + 12 + 3 (+ 5 with Shade) = 18 / (23)
Climb: 1 / (2 with Shade) + 8 + 3 = 12 / (13)
Craft – Armorer: 3 + 1 + 3 = 7
Diplomacy: 3 + 12 + 3 (+ 2 with Shade) = 18 / (20)
Disable device: 4 / (6 with Shade) + 6 + 3 = 13 / (15)
Disguise: 3 + 1 + 3 = 7
Escape artist: 4 / (6 with Shade) + 12 + 3 (+ 5 with Shade) = 19 / (26)
Heal: 1 + 2 + 0 = 3
Intimidate: 3 + 1 + 3 = 7
Knowledge – Engineering: 3 + 1 + 3 = 7
Knowledge – Local: 3 + 2 + 3 = 8
Knowledge – Planes: 3 + 2 + 3 = 8
Knowledge – Religion: 3 + 2 + 3 = 8
Linguistics: 3 + 1 + 3 = 7
Perception: 1 + 12 + 3 (+ 5 with Shade) = 16 / (21)
Perform – Street performer: 3 + 3 + 3 = 9
Profession – Leatherworker: 1 + 9 + 3 = 13
Ride: 4 / (6 with Shade) + 1 + 0 = 5 / (7)
Sense motive: 1 + 12 + 3 (+ 4 with Shade) = 16 / (20)
Sleight of hand: 4 / (6 with Shade) + 8 + 3 = 15 / (17)
Stealth: 4 / (6 with Shade) + 12 + 3 (+ 5 with Shade) = 19 / (26)
Survival: 1 + 9 + 0 = 10
Swim: 1 / (2 with Shade) + 1 + 3 = 5 / (6)
Use magic device: 3 + 1 + 3 = 7

He’s also got a few tricks up his sleeve, phonetically speaking. He can speak 4 languages, a 5th one even if you count Thieves Cant as a language. They are Common, Orcish, Dwarfish and Goblin. Having been a part of a thieves guild, you can easily understand why Raven can speak that. Common of course is his native language. Orcish and Goblin also come from working in the thieves guild (you don’t really keep the best company in those kinds of guilds). And Dwarfish because he didn’t want the Dwarf’s to be able to talk behind his back, since they owned the majority of the pawn shops (if you’re trying to fence your loot, make sure you speak their language).

Raven is and always has been nimble and very athletic. He’s extremely agile and quick, using these attributes (coupled with precision) as his main arsenal. His favored weapons are two short swords and in ranged situations he uses throwing daggers. Raven will always go for a quick kill, preferring not to meet his opponent head on but rather find his weak spots and exploit them. Subtlety is a big part of his fighting style. Once he’s been spotted, he’ll try and get an ally to help him flank his opponent or feint him so he can reach his vital areas. But when he fights with ally’s on his side he usually lets them engage the enemy first, and then moves into a flanking position.

His feats include:
* Fast Draw * Power Attack * Two-Weapon Fighting * Improved Unarmed Strike
* Combat Expertise * Improved Feint * Improved Initiative * Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
* Fleet * Iron Will * Greater Grapple
Rogue Feats include:
* Sneak Attack 6d6 * Bleeding Attack * Minor Magic (Detect Magic 3x a day)
* Evasion * Weapon Finesse * Fast Stealth (Stealth at full speed without penalty)
* Uncanny Dodge * Improved Uncanny Dodge * Trapfinding (+1/2 his lvl to find and disarm traps)
* Trap Sense +4 * Improved Grapple * Major Magic (Magic Missle 2x a day)
* Crippling Strike * Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Bluff, Escape Artist, Perception, Sense Motive and Stealth)
Special Feats are:
* Non-Lethal Damage (Raven can substitute any lethal damage he deals for non-lethal damage)
* Favorite of the Companions (+1 to any action that is good 1x a day)
* Sacred Strike (Sneak Attack uses D8 instead of D6 on Evil targets)

His drawbacks included being branded by the thieves guild he was a part of (a menacing tattoo on his upper left back, bearing a resemblance to the picture below). But after Raven came back from Lamorak’s rebirth ceremony, the tattoo had vanished.
BrandedHe used to dislikes nobles, an understandable “quality” with the company he’s kept in his past. After all, rogues (especially assassins) would have little to do if it were not for nobles hiring us to backstab or indirectly screw each other over. But after his affairs with the nobles of Camelot Raven no longer has any prejudices against nobles in general.
No matter the situation he cannot kill a good man, even to try and do this would almost surely end in a catatonic state for Raven, after what he did; killing Donnie his best friend.
He adheres to the thieves code of honor, but luckily thieves have loose morals.
Raven cannot withstand cruelty, he will intervene after everything he’s seen, he cannot abide it.
Raven has a strong hatred of the undead after his ranger upbringing, both from his father and brother, and of course after they ravaged his hometown and forced the people of Seawell to flee their homes.
And last but certainly not least Raven has a Dark secret, namely all of the time he spent in the city; his deeds were filled with malice and his reckless behavior reeked havoc all around him. But mainly his Dark Secret revolves around him assassinating his best friend.

These do not explain all his mannerisms, nor should they. Raven loves the city, any city. He’s fascinated by the endless possibilities a city has to offer, the way every day can be an exploration of something new and especially the multicolor of architecture. Ever since Raven arrived in the city at the age of 12 he’s been enthralled by how you can make buildings like “that”. He also loves the camaraderie of strangers in the city, how he can so easily just enjoy himself without the judgment of every single act of his life being a factor. Growing up in a small community like Seawell can have that affect on some people I guess.

What may at first have been an act to protect himself has now become part of who he is. I am of course referring to his constant grinning. Most of the time you will find him with a grin on his face and a throwing dagger in his fingers, practicing his dexterity (Raven figured out a way to utilize his constant fidgeting). He loves parties, drinking, entertainment (such as his street performing) and women. He tends to be sneaky, keeping things to himself most of the time unless it’s necessary to share it with others. He’s outgoing, unapologetic, proactive and excludes no one, not even the nobles anymore. He’s “never” emotional, except on those all too frequent occasions (recently that is) when his most difficult issues are raised to the table. All in all, despite his trying years, he loves life and everything it has to offer. Just recently Raven has found that one night stands and drinking don’t hold the same appeal. And after being reborn as Phoenix he hasn’t had a drink of alcohol nor a one night stand. But as Raven would have said: “The night is young and anything can still happen!”

He is constantly changing his appearance, or look if you will. Quickly growing tired of a beard or a type of beard, the same going for his hair, you will seldom find Raven in the same manner or even the same place for very long. It is the “new” that excites him and he cherishes the feeling of freedom that it brings!

Customary appearance

If there were a traditional look for Raven, this would be it. Customary for his travels.

Dark times

Struggling to escape from his sordid past, Raven’s whole purpose in life becomes redemption.

Raised, but not necessarily born, in the small town of Seawell, Raven was a happy child. Times were good for the Eliander’s and Raven had few responsibilities. He merrily played with the other children, but soon grew tired of mere child’s play and wanted more. Raven began taking what was not his and at the tender age of 6, he had already managed to steel a magnificent necklace for his mother, Elizabeth. There was no malice in his actions, no forethought, only a lack of boundaries and too much free time. But when his mother died suddenly and subsequently his father Beorn had a complete nervous breakdown and his brother Hawk suddenly became very hostile towards him, Raven latched onto his new found method of acting out.

Early teens

Over the years this behavior got worse and worse until Raven finally had enough and ran away. He was only 12 at the time, but he had ruffled enough feathers and caused enough damage in Seawell to last a lifetime. This led him to his dreamland so to speak; The City! The mere idea fascinated him, the endless possibilities played tricks on his mind. Everything would be better if he just got to The City. But it wasn’t and what followed was only more of this “acting out”, only now it was better thought out and executed with more skill…the penalties for failure made sure of that. The only upside was Raven’s best friend Donnie. There were times that Raven thought he would find a better life, where he would realize a life where he could lead an honest career and one such path was architecture. But as with so many other things in his life, Raven had already put things in motion that would ruin his good intentions later on; Raven had already joined the Thieves guild that had branded him (see drawbacks above) and they quickly discouraged his path towards architecture. As with other hopes he had encountered along the way, this one left him more saddened than ever and as desperate as he had ever felt. He was, in his own opinion, forlorn. He would never be right with the world or the people in it. And so he gave into all his lesser instincts and did the horrendous deeds that haunt him still today. Those dreadful actions led him to his current path for redemption.

Hawk then found Raven when he was 19, in a village not far from Seawell. Raven was slobbering drunk and appeared to have been so for quite some time. He would not speak of where he had been or what had happened. But his brother sobered him up and got Raven back to the outskirts of Seawell. In the forest Hawk got Raven to focus on what he could do rather than what he couldn’t and slowly but surely got him back on his feet. Hawk’s main theme in all of this was that Raven could make amends for what he had done, that he could in fact redeem himself. This became the rock that Raven steadied his whole future on, the rock that all present activities relied on. This became Ravens reason for living.

But when the residents of Seawell had to abandon their town and flee to the sea, Raven found himself on a rather special beach. And on that beach he found a necklace, an exact duplicate to the necklace that he had stolen for his mother. Suddenly his foundation, his method of survival, was rocked as he remembered the events surrounding him acquiring that necklace and his mother’s passing. He remembered who he stole the necklace from and he remembered the same man, Krider, coming up to him on the day his mother died before he knew she was dead and saying: “You lost today kid. It doesn’t mean you have to like it” First he confronted his brother who got very angry at seeing the necklace, saying: “So you’ve had it all this time?” and then storming away from Raven, looking furious enough to kill him outright. He then confronted his father and finally heard the truth about his mother’s death; she had been murdered, slain by what appeared to be the work of a thief. In that moment Raven realized that he was responsible for his mothers death, he had in fact killed her. He had stolen the necklace from Krider and given it to his mother and when Krider figured it out he killed her and took back his necklace. This atrocity, although being similar to many of the others Raven had committed, sent him over the edge. The rock he steadied himself on was broken. He had killed his mother, ruined his fathers life, made his brother into an emotionless, hard man that couldn’t bond with anyone and had in fact started the chain reaction that led him to commit all his horrible past acts. In this fractured state, this hero sets foot into the adventure that is Lost…may his fragile psychie find a way to steer through the debris that follows.

Your reflection never lies


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