Patrick Hobb


General Description: A stockily built fellow Patrick is of slightly above average height. A bronze tanned skin crowned by golden blonde curls. He has an easy smile and mischievous gray eyes. Patrick is strong, but not heavyset, an extremely athletic man with muscles born of hard labor not exercise.
Generally clad in cream white enameled full plate, with Gold Filigree on the breastplate. He carries a Halberd and a buckler and has recently taken to carrying the tattered remains of his old tabard as a banner fixed to a small pole on his back. The golden yellow tabard is haggard, frayed and filled with holes. It bears the marks of heavy corrosion, no more than could be expected from something partially digested by a god.
Patrick’s talents are many, but none as potent as his way with words. Regardless whether it is shouting instructions above the din of battle, giving great orations in front of large crowds or simply the comforting softness of his voice when discussing privately he generally tends to put people at ease. His demeanor is always reassuring and calm, but somehow filled with barely contained passion.
As a self proclaimed student of magic, Patrick is extremely knowledgeable about matters of the arcane and magic in general. Although he is not an magician by practice he does hold some arcane talents.

Patrick is not without his faults though, a heavy drinker, an irredeemable prankster and a stupendously proud man. He is quite literally incapable of turning down a good strong ale, song, tales, food, good company or books.

Patrick’s hatred of Incarceration, slavery and oppression is a product of his own fears, he can imagine nothing worse than the loss of his freedom. This hatred is so strong that it has tainted Patrick’s view on the nobility and authority in general. A being should be free from constraints to live out their lives according to their own wishes.


Patrick Hobb

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