Commander of the City Guard in The City and Patrick's mentor.


Reflection: Merkor


Commander of the City Guards in the City and Patrick’s mentor.

In Hostiles he appears, as Patrick’s commander as Patrick joins the city guards. Tough and ruthless to his men, he softens up to Patrick as time goes by.

In Warrior’s Honour he presents Patrick to a noble lady who wants to spar with warriors. She beats Patrick in a few fights, and after the fights, Oenomaus presents Patrick, who had been fighting with a sword and shield, with a halberd, thinking it would suit his fighting style better.
Later he tells his men, that in battle, the warrior’s honour is toward three men; himself, his brother-in-arm and to his opponent. Battle is a ceremonial ritual about life and death; and one must honour that, and those who participate in that.

In The White Stag Oenomaus task Patrick, a new corporal in the ranks of the Guard to pick up sword and shield from the local arms dealer.

Appears in:
Warrior’s Honour
The White Stag


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