High King of the North, leader of Legion.


Has a constant look of indifference, a blank expressionless face that gives nothing away.


A little is known where Malaghant came from but for what’s for certain is that he is the leader of Legion. Vilhem told the PC’s that Malaghant had arrived in Seawell but was not of this world. He became king in the North by marrying Lena. Knights of Avalon claimed that he was now married to Morgause and referred to him as one of finest men they’d ever met.

Patrick has memories of Malaghant, being a calm and intimidating. Serbitar, although not meeting Malaghant, spied on him and observed that he was calm during a heated debate but when he spoke, even the most aggressive of his captains held their tongues. He alluded that Lancelot’s death would be beneficial to their cause, but it is hard to read if that was a question or a statement. He did however note that he was disappointed because of Pinbacker’s failure at Hazuth Kleg, again not referring what that failure was.

Appears in:
In the hall of the Mountain King


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