Leatherworker and merchant in the City


His trademark is a White Stag.


In A New Hope Raven tries to convince him to pay the protection fee to Guild but Loren convinces Raven of his principles. Combining that to Grimfang’s teachings Raven backs down and even refuses to “make Loren pay” when Morra asks him to do so. A few weeks later a new merchant acquires the store.

In Crimson Tide Serbitar stumbles upon Hawk where he is stripping three corpses of valuable. One of them is Loren, the other two ruffians of some sort. Hawk convinces Serbitar that Loren was an assassin, showing him the white stag trademark of the merchant, claiming it to be the mark of the assassins. He then gives Serbitar a necklace from the dead merchant.


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