Leon Lundgren

A fighter wielding the Great Axe Eisenteizer


Level 6 Male Human Fighter

Height Weight Age
207cm 126kg 20
Attribute Score Modifier
Strength 20 5
Dexterity 14 2
Constitution 16 3 Hit Points 72
Intelligence 17 3
Wisdom 12 1
Charisma 16 3
Armor: Banded Mail Armor, Master Work
Armor Class Armor Check Penalty AC Touch AC Flatfooted
20 -4 13 17
Fortitude Reflex Will
8 5 3
Favorite Weapon: Double Headed Great Axe, Eisenteinzer +1, Sentient (4500GP)
Base Attack Bonus Spell Resistance CMB CMD
6/1 0 11 23

Secondary Weapon: 2x Throwing Axes

Skill Name Total bonus
Acrobatics 8
Climb 10 -4ACP
Diplomacy 8
Intimidate 11
Dungeoneering 9
Perception 6
Ride 6 -4ACP
Sense Motive 9
Stealth 3 -4ACP
Survival 6
Swim 9 -4ACP

Known languages: Common, Dwarfish, Orcish and Goblin

Special Abilities
  • Bravery +2 vs Fear
  • Favorite of the companions
  • Armor training 1
  • Sanctify Martial Strike
  • Weapon training – Axe +1 Hit +1 dmg
  • Weapon Focus – Great Axe +1 Hit
  • Dazzling Display
  • Power Attack
  • Improved Initiative +4
  • Dodge +1 AC
  • Cleave (-2 AC when used)
  • Weapon Specialization – Great Axe +2dmg
  • Vital Strike

Traits: Suspicious: You discovered at an early age that someone you trusted, perhaps an older sibling or a parent, had lied to you, and often, about something you had taken for granted, leaving you quick to question the claims of others. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Sense Motive checks, and Sense Motive is always a class skill for you.


Daredevil: You only really feel alive when you’re staring death in the face. Your character is addicted to the thrill of death-defying stunts, pushing himsefl to the limit at every available opportunity. Make a DC 25 Will save when your character finds himself in a life-or-death situation- combat, climbing a sheer cliff face, etc. On a failed save, your character chooses the most spectacular and dangerous course of action he can take, whether it is necessary or not

Overconfident: Nothing is beyond your capabilities. If you wanted, you could defeat the best swordsman in the world; you just haven’t had any reason to do so yet. And surely that chasm isn’t too wide for you to leap across. Once per game session, the DM or another player can activate your Flaw in order to squash any doubts you may have had about your own capabilities.

Star-crossed: You keep falling in love with the wrong people. You’re the common soldier who falls in love with the king’s daughter at first sight, or the hero who falls for the villain’s daughter without knowing who she is. Once per game session, the DM or another player can activate your Flaw in order to shoot you with cupid’s arrow yet again. This tends to leave a trail of broken hearts in your wake, not to mention a retinue of angered and concerned third parties.

Leon Lundgren, a descriptive encounter (Played by Jake Gilligan from Prince of Persia)

You are walking in the street heading for the main street. Your eye’s fixed on the ground. As you come around the corner of the house you walk straight into a mountain of a man. A man tall enough to block out your view of the sun.

When your eyes roam up from the ground you notice his massive leather clad legs. Each almost as thick as your waist. On his hips you see two artfully made throwing axes. This huge man is wearing a rough linen shirt underneath the studded leather armor. His arms are thicker than your own lanky legs. His shoulders straining slightly against the leather, they are in proportion to the rest of this Oak of a man.

The shadow across this strangers face recede as you get used the change in the light. His is a handsome face with rough three day beard shading his jaw. Dark shoulder length hair is pulled back behind his ears.

You look into his eyes, grey and hard as mountain rock. You feel those eyes pin you down as they size you up. Then suddenly this threatening demeanor melts away as his friendly and charming smile lights up his face.

“Careful there neighbour” he says, his voice lighter than you thought. It was not the expected deep rumble of a mountain waterfall but the lightness of a wind blowing across the forest trees.

You notice a green glint in the shadow over his left shoulder. There is a huge axe on his back. With it’s head peaking over his shoulder. The green glint is an emerald in the middle of the axes head, looks like an eye. Creepy. You feel a chill run down your spine as you peer deeper into the emerald, like it was keeping it’s green eye on you. You shake that feeling off, what nonsense.

“Neighbour” the huge man said. “It’s rude to walk into a man then stare at him.” You hear a slight edge to his voice and you take a reflexive step backwards.

“My apologies” you say “I did not mean to give offense.” “You simply are the biggest man I have ever seen”

A friendly chuckle escapes the mans lips and the atmosphere lightens. “No offense taken neighbour. Just be mindful of what you walk into in the future”

Then this mountain of a main lightly sidesteps around you.

“How can that man move so easily?” you think to yourself.

You turn around as he walks past you and you get the full view of the axe on his back.

You are suddenly very very glad you had been too shocked at the massive size of this man to try to lift his purse. Cold sweat runs down your back and you know for certain that that axe had been watching you the whole time… and still was.

“Sir!” you call after him “Sir! May I know your name?”

He turns around and looks at you with a slight smile.

“Leon, Leon Lundgren” As he turns away you finally notice that he is not that much older than your own 17 years. He had seemed so much older…why?

You think about it as you head towards your Pa’s pub. As you walk into the pub the answer hits you. The war veterans that frequented your Pa’s place have much the same dangerous aura, but that mountain of a man had an even sharper edge to his.


| Ben Grandpa (61) (D) | Tiriana Grandma (58)(D) | Leon Grandpa (68)(D) | Susan Grandma(65)(D)

Toby Pa (43) Anne Ma (40)
Ben (Brother 1, 25) Susan (Sister 1, 24) Toby (Brother 2, 22 Twin) Tiriana (Sister 2, 22, Twin) Leon Lundgren (Me, 19) Virginia (Sister 3, 20)

Ben (Pa),

Anne (Ma),

Ben (Brother 1), Wife Lara (21, 2nd child), Lives with us at Pa’s house, the heir, 2 boys.

Susan (Sister 1), Husband John (27, Eldest), Live in his Pa’s house, the heir, 1 girl

Toby (Brother 2, Twin), unmarried

Tiriana (Sister 2, Twin), unmarried

Virgina (Sister 3), Husband Reginald (22, youngest, will not inherit), Live with us at Pa’s house, she’s pregnant with her first child.

Leon Lundgren

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