The Inquisitor for Camelot and Knight of the round table.


The Inquisitor

Casual and calm demeanor, very polite yet aggressive at the same time. Is always sizing people up, and playing himself somewhat absent minded.

Carries a book, where he notes everything remarkable that he sees or hears, pausing others while he writes. He writes in code or at least a language none of the PC understands.

His herald is a falcon taking flight.


Interrogated the PC at Hamlet in The Accused where great many things about the PC past’s were revealed. Used somewhat unusual manners for a knight, such as deceiving and being somewhat rude.

Came aboard the “Hope” using Serbitar in Crimson Tide after spending two days in Seawell, Avalon gathering info.

In Dagon he revealed that Elgyn had tried to assassinate the Queen and exposed him by proving the theft of her jewelry.


  • Has the complete trust of the King but is one of the most controversial knights of the realm.
  • Was hot on the trail of the assassin before the PC’s departure to Oriab.

Appears in:
The Accused
Crimson Tide


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