Jezz Torrent

Acting as Tupalov's right hand man in the North Side Gang, Torrent is really a leader for the resistance to bring down all the gangs in Riinar.


Torrent is a person of unquestionable morals (Lawful Good) and high standards. So acting as Tupalov’s right hand man was quite the challenge for him.


After being fed up with the situation in Riinar, Torrent and Parks decided to start this resistance based on principals laid out by Yuri. Their first victory came when they were able to slay Alain Tupalov, son to Helena Tupalov and Tupalov. Shortly after that Yuri left, never to return to Riinar.

After the pertification of Helena Tupalov, Torrent was able to do something about the situation in Riinar. The 4 gangs were a blight on the everything he believed a society should stand for so he decided to make some changes. Since Torrent was Tupalov’s right hand man, he had an extremely hard position to acquire.

The PC meet Torrent first when they visit the Tupalov’ estate. Torrent is literally shock when he sees Alain thinking him to he Alain Tupalov, which he had a hand in killing him back in the day. He heard Tupalov himself declare that Alain was not his son, and was quite relieved.

After the PC started asking questions about the resistance, Torrent and Parks met up with the PC’s. Shortly after their meeting, and after the PC’s cleared the free-zone they made plan to arrest the family heads. This succeeded in a battle, killing Varick but arresting all the other culprits.

As Angelina and Torrent worked together to find which of the guard could be trusted, he became quite infatuated with her but was not going to pursue it. Angelina also developed feelings for him but was so new at this and felt awkward so that she wasn’t either going to pursue it. Raven saw their feelings and but both of them rejected his ideas of making the first move. So Raven made the first move for them and orchestrated a date for them. He forged a note to Angelina from Torrent saying that he wanted to meet her in a restaurant tonight in order to thank her for all her help and celebrate the changes. He wrote Torrent a similar note and sure enough they met and there was magic in the air. When the PC’s left (Alain remained to resurrect the Cult of Lilith ) Torrent and Angelina departed with a kiss.

He was instrumental in rebuilding Riinar. Although he did not fully approve of Alain idea to impersonate Alain Tupalov, he went along with it, thanks to Park’s persuasion and Alain’s determination. When Percivale came to Riinar, bearing the news of the fall of Hazuth Kleg, Torrent departed to Baharna where he became a city guard and quickly became the overseer of the merchant district.

When the PC’s returned to Baharna, Torrent arrested Galahad for slaying three Shantaks. Alain and Angelina partitioned his release and putting up the value (3600 GP) to settle the merchant. Torrent, Alain and Angelina made plans to meet that evening but they had to to cancel as Torrent was meeting up with Parks, shortly referring to a bounty on the Pc’s head.

Later that evening Raven went and found Torrent, telling him that Alain had transmuted Helena Tuplalov and freed her from the stone form. Torrent was frightened and told Raven he would muster up a team to apprehend and kill her, no time for judge and jury – her evilness would justify that. He never would have though it was possible to free her, as Tupalov had tried almost everything back in the day.

When he arrived at the Davos mansion with 20 strong, Helena Tupalov took one look at him and ordered him to kill the intruders (referring to the PC’s and their entourage). Torrent promptly said “Yes, my lady” and ordered his man to kill them. Angelina sadly noticed evil in him, which she had never seen before, and fought him, using non-lethal force. His men were driven away as the battle prolonged but when Alain struck an electrical-ball on his mother, Torrent was a collateral damage, not only killing him but also burning him to a crisp – to Alain’s and Angelina’s dismay. They called to Athena to help him but she was more concerned with Dagonet.

Appears in:
Farewell to Arms
The slaying of the Monster
The Taming of the Shrew

Jezz Torrent

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