Temple mistress of Lillith in Baharna


A lovely, intelligent brunette with a way of getting things done her way.
Idomenea, or Nea for short, was Alains first contact in the church of Lillith, and, some say, a brief fling. Alain was possessive enough on her to make certain neither Leon nor Raven bedded her at their night at the temple. Alain always had a soft spot for Idomenea, who refused his offer to come and serve in Rinar, for reasons she did not give, sending Erisa in her place. Alain kept in contact with her through writing while he served in Rinar. Alain sent Jezz Torrent with the statue of Helena Tupalov to Idominea for safekeeping when Rinar was endangered bythe undead horde.
After the fall of the city, they lost contact but Alain sought her out on his arrival to Oriab. Idominea, now in her thirties, was not overly pleased to see him again, blaming him and his companions for lifting the gift of eternal youth from the island. She assisted him in awaking Tupalov, and made it perfectly clear that this was the last of her communication with Alain.
He later left the city with his companions heading towards Andahad, after the events of The Taming of the Shrew



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