The stranger that tried to rape Athena in Seawell.


Reflection: Lord Balin


A stranger who walks into Seawell and seeks shelter in the church. Athena greets him but picks up a bad vibe on him. Once she turned her back on him, he jumps on her, trying to have his way with her. She screams and her grandfather walks in, startling Henri who bolts to the door.

He runs straight in the arms of Alexander Castle who appears in the doorway, responding to Athena’s screams. Alexander is obviously startled and yells toward the man what his name is. Henri mutters his name and trembles in fear of the large posing man. Alexander looks toward Athena and sees what has happened. He asks Joshua if she is unhurt, and after receiving the answer he promptly takes Henri to the forest and executes him with decapitation.

Appears in:
The slaying of the Monster


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