Helena Tupalov


Wife of Tupalov and high priestess of Lilith. Was transmuted into stone by an ancient being millenniums ago. Alain referring this as his mother transported to statue to Baharna in to the safekeeping of the Lilith maidens.

In The slaying of the Monster Alain requested the clerics in the temple to dispel the transmutation and return Helena back to life. However Helena was tired and rested through the night without gaining conciousness.

In Homecoming she takes charge and proclaims Alain as her long lost son. Alain tries to correct her, but the lady is convinced that Alain has been spellbound into believing he is someone else. Alain agrees to her dispelling in the morning to come. When presented to the others, Angelina detect overwhelming evil within her and Galahad, after promising to behave near Alain, storms out. Patrick provokes her, speaking of the fall of Tupalov and Torrent’s part in it – eventually leading to Helena’s preparation to kill them all by summoning daemons.

Appears in:
The slaying of the Monster

Helena Tupalov

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