Quiet cold ranger


Reflection: Tristram

If one had to describe the ranger Hawk, one would be lost for words, for his appearance is somewhat forgettable. He sort of wasn’t there. But if one met his eyes, one would remember those, somewhat cold and calculative, very perceptive and gray.

He prefers fighting with a bow and traps but he also has a long curved blade, not a scimitar though, of unknown origins which he fights with in a very odd and disciplined manner.


Brother to Raven/Phoenix and the first son of the former ranger, Beorn Eliander. After the death of his mother (Elizabeth Eliander), which he blamed his baby brother for, he assumed the mantel of the town protector in the wild, for his father became a broken man and a drunk. He turned his back on his brother, who later left town.

Hawk kept the village of Seawell safe all those years, and fought orcs in the dozens by using “scare” tactics. People of Seawell believed that he kept in touch with Garland and that he had the complete trust of Alexander Castle.

Leon, while running in the woods, came upon a band of Orcs and watched Hawk almost single-handedly take them all out.
Serbitar came upon Hawk looting three dead bodies, whom Hawk claimed to be an assassin with his bodyguards.
Patrick witnessed Hawk buying a new bow in the city for 300 gold pieces, a fortune, which Hawk claimed he looted from dead orcs and other ilk around Seawell.

Appears in:
The Pilot
A New World part 1
A New World part 2
The Moth(er)
The White Stag
Crimson Tide


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