A Half-Orc fighter working for a thieves guild. Mentor and later father figure to Raven.


Grimfang at war!

A renowned fighter among his people, Grimfang is an extremely seasoned warrior.

If Grimfang were human, he’d probably look something like this:
Grimfang as a human


Grimfang is the closest translation available for his original orcish name. He is among the rare Orcs that has leadership potential and is anything but a coward. Being exceptional at what he does, Grimfang was quickly hired by a notable thieves guild upon arriving in the city. His years of combat experience gave him an edge over most others and soon he was teaching guild members what he could. He was even sought out by the higher ups in the guild for advice. But then a young punk by the name of Raven joined the guild and dared make fun of his name.

Somehow Grimfang’s beating Raven unconscious bonded them, perhaps Grimfang decided that if he could turn this punk around he could do anything. Grimfang taught Raven how to fight, even when he was unarmed and his opponent wasn’t. He taught him how to chose his optimum weapon but also how to use all others. And strangely enough, this orc taught Raven honor. Over time Grimfang became much more than a mentor to Raven, he became a father figure.


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