A knight of King Arthur's round table, bearing the strength of three men in the light of day.

On the battlefield

Gawain is the exemplar of chivalry and battle prowess.

When it comes to strength, there is no match for Gawain. When his fury boils no man but his brother, Gaheris, can stop or calm him.


Gawain is the first son of Lot, often described as the strongest of the knights. His brothers are Gareth, Gaheris and Agravain.

Lot describes his first born to be his strength and fury.

Gawain met the heroes in a town not far from Camelot. He valued the PC’s heroics and Bors de Ganis their mannerisms, and they took the heroes to Camelot to see King Arthur.

Gawain won the tournament at Camelot, besting Angelina in the final battle.

When hearing from Serbitar that Lancelot would fight at the front line with Malaghant against the Undead Horde he sprung into action and left Camelot to help his friend. He paid no heed to his brother warnings and pleads to stay.

Appears in:
The Once and future
Brother to Brother
Warrior’s Honour
Crimson Tide


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