Garland Tarn


Calm and wise, sometimes even kind. Strong eyes and character. Goes his own way.


Little is known about the druid that lived in the woods near Seawell. He had always been there and minded his own business. Hawk knew him somewhat but never spoke much about him.

It suprised the villagers of Seawell when he adopted a boy who appeared about four. The boy had been found by Garland in the woods, surviving by his wits alone. The strange boy was given the name Serbitar who had an appearance that frighten the more superstitous lot.

During the evacuation of Seawell, Garland aboarded the ship but he was not noticed on the shore of Oriab.

Goes by the name Merlin in Camelot.

Taught Serbitar to respect nature in it’s true form, that life would always prevail and find a way, how to use the nature to foretell events hidden by men.

Had a special unknown relation with Thomas Castle and was a middle man in the construction of Si├ón’s sword.

After the imminent declaration of war with Kaar, he arrives to Camelot, summoning the PC to a meeting.

Appears in:
A New World part 1
The Hunt
Dark Days
The Savage Lands
The Once and future
In the hall of the Mountain King
Crimson Tide
The Chain

Garland Tarn

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