A righteous Paladin and a knight of King Arthurs round table.


A paladin with the uncanny ability to see people’s past actions and true motives. This ability has robbed him of any subtlety he previously had and Galahad is perceived as an extremely blunt person. He often crosses the line of being rude so grossly that he becomes offensive. This ability has in fact made him righteous and although many would consider it a gift, it is hard to always know these things about all the people around you.

His demeanour is that of an angry man, his brows usually very heavy and he often draws deep breaths before speaking.

His herald is a flower – la Fleur.


The second knight to Gareth in the court of Camelot. He fought in the tournament and reached quarter final, bested by Angelina. He joins the expedition to slay Atlach-Nacha and later the recruitment of Renton.

Commented to Raven that he was a man not to be trusted, a murderer or a kin-slayer even. Raven was furious and struck him in the throne room in Camelot in front of everyone.

Upset Angelina, when he called Malaghant’s departure from Camelot as “chasing some skirt” – referring to Malaghant’s marriage to the Queen in the North.

Alain and Galahad have a cold relationship because of Galahad calling him a liar, referring to Alain’s mask of Tupalov’s son when stabilizing the city. Also called him a power monger. The pair do not see eye to eye after that.

When fighting the Beast in Dagon, Galahad saved Raven’s life in the nick of time, when the Beast slew Raven.

When the time came, he asked Lamorak to “kill” Raven, and “raised” Raven himself. No longer sensing anything from Raven, the two had a six hour walk in the forest and Raven detected a change in his façade, quite relaxed. After that he started having long walks with Angelina, which seemed to relax him as well.

In Kaar he kissed Angelina – quite passionately – after one of those walks.

He decided – a surprise to few – to stay in Kaar to help the rebuild. Bors and Dagonet remained with him, as did Lancelot – the four becoming hostages – and later executed for treason – after the kidnapping of Morgause.
He appears to Angelina in Camelot right after the revelation of his execution, smiling to her.


  • Appearently, while few of the knight like him, almost all of them trust him with their lives and honour his intuition. He is a fierce leader in battle and a sore loser.
  • Amongst his best freinds are Gaheris, Bedivere and Lancelot. He has no enemies in the court as few would like to be openly revered as on his bad side.

Appears in:
The Once and future
Brother to Brother
Warrior’s Honour
Into the Deep
Along came a Human
The Accused
In the hall of the Mountain King
A New Hope
The White Stag
A Siân Dawn
Crimson Tide
The slaying of the Monster
The Taming of the Shrew
Two for the Road
Strangers in a Strange Land
True at first light
The Proposal
Our Mutual Friend
Meet Ed Bloom
The Artist
Into the Lion’s Den
The Beginning of the End
The Chain


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