Knight of King Arthur's round table, the King's conscience and the only man that can reach truly reach Gawain.


Gaheris acts as Gawain’s conscience, cooling his hot temper, praising him for his skills in his combat and admonishing him for example after his failure to show mercy. No man can control Gawain’s temper as his younger brother.
Lot describes Gaheris as the wises and calmest of his sons.


Third son to Lot, and brother to Gawain, Gareth and Agravain.

Gaheris was squire to Gawain for the first years and gained knighthood few years back. His battle skills are commendable but his skill in diplomacy is matched by few. Second only to Galahad, Gaheris is often referred to as the conscience of the king. Gareth often seeks his advise and rumor has it that the King never makes a decision without counseling with either him or Bedivere.

Gaheris went with his younger brother Agravain to the Kingdom of Skai seeking diplomatic relations regarding the Undead Horde and building of a wall at Avalon’s border to Skai.


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