Elyan the White

A knight of King Arthur's.


He has a white armour and rides a pale white horse.

Banner: Black smoke or cloud on white background


Brother to Guinevere and one of the purest of knights. Sworn to chastity, this knight could claim the heart of any woman in the kingdom but solemnly declines all. His path lies with Nath-Horthath whom he zealously worships and give homage.

During the Wade Wilson incident in Camelot he was furious at the accusations of adultery between the Queen, his sister, and best friend Lancelot, who were betroth once. He persistently demanded the life of Wade, which Raven defended. When the Table decided what to do the following day, Elyan voted last out of respect for the other knights. When his motion was carried, he requested to carry out the execution, not out of his investment but because it had been his demand “If you want someone dead, kill him yourself”.

During the debate on Malaghant’s imminent declaration of war, Elyan was quite calm and supportive of Gaheris and Bedivere.

Appears in:
The Beginning of the End

Elyan the White

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