Elizabeth Morgan

Raven's birth mother, a noble from the Seawell in Avalon



Elizabeth is Raven’s birth mother. When Beorn Eliander arrived in the Seawell in Avalon, they fell in love with each other. When Raven was very young Alexander Castle convinced Beorn that Raven would not be safe there. Elizabeth didn’t believe that Alexander would get Noden to transport them to another plain and refuted Alexander’s “wild” claims that Raven and children like him were in danger. Not being able to convince Beorn of her beliefs she allowed Beorn to take Raven with him, thinking that they would soon return from their wild goose chase. 20 years later, Raven knocked on her door.

In A New Hope Raven first learns of her existence through Vilhem. He meets her, finding her on the brink of bankruptcy and all her former glory lost. He pays her debt to Oskilith and arranges for her to throw a banquet for the knight, giving her a feel of her old self.

When hearing of Raven imminent departure, she vows never to leave him again, and expresses her wish to escort him. Raven accepts and charges Lucan with the task of protecting her. Lucan graciously accepts and executes this task to his very best.

In Crimson Tide when the PC learn of the presence of Elgyn on board the “Hope”, Raven over protects his mother, almost never leaving her sight, at the fear of his childhood events (see The Moth(er) ) would repeat it self. During the battle against Elgyn, she hides in the barracks protected by Lucan and John Fuller.

In Homecoming when the PC and the Knights prepare for battle against Helena Tupalov, Lucan takes her to the cellars, vowing to protect her with his live. Angelina charges Lucan with the task to help in the fight if he would be able to.

Appears in:
A New Hope
The White Stag
A Siân Dawn
Crimson Tide
The slaying of the Monster

Elizabeth Morgan

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