Elizabeth Eliander

Raven and Hawk's mother, Beorn's wife and Krider's murder victim.


Reflection : Elizabeth Tyler

Beorn Eliander’s wife, mother to Hawk and Raven Eliander. Her loving touch, her soothing voice, her calming presence. Elizabeth had everything worth having and everything worth taking. So her murder would have made sense in itself if jealousy or another similar emotion had played a part. But instead a sad rogue, Krider, required his “shiny” necklace back and thus Elizabeth had to die. Her son Raven had shortly before stolen said necklace from Krider and Krider’s method of stealing involved quite a lot more blood than Raven’s ever did.

Her everything will be missed by all that knew her. Such a rare flower of happiness is rarely grown by the creator and thus the mourning becomes all the more wishful…hopefully she’ll come back…somehow!


Her beauty petrified some while it merely stunned others. To the bravest of all it was only as if a tidal wave had swept them over. Thus it was that Beorn Eliander, no ordinary man, could walk up to Elizabeth and just plainly kiss her. All he said was: “I know we’re meant to be together!” His confidence, and best of all him being his awesome self, was all that was needed.

Noden s fallacy
In Celephais Raven meets a woman he perceives to be his mother, her looking the exact same and recognizing him as her son. The only thing different about her was that she had aged appropriately to the last time he had seen her. Noden had told Raven that his true mother would be waiting for him there. Sadly this ends as most emotional affairs for Raven and this new version of Elizabeth is lost forever…it appears.

Elizabeth Eliander

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