Mirror : Krider


One of Elgyn’s weaknesses is that he’s a sucker for gold jewelery. Not necessarily to ware, but to own!


In The Honourary Candidate the PC’s notice him as bodyguard to Sylvia. Angelina notice his evil but Raven mistook him for Krider. Raven confronted him but escaped with his life.

In guise of Parks Elgyn went to Avalon with Alain after the fall of Riinar. His plan was to assassinate the Queen for parties unknown. In the guise of Athena he poison the Queen and took one of her necklaces. His plan would have worked if not for Morgan Tud’s early arrival back to Camelot.

In the guise of a wealthy woman he booked passage back to Oriab with the ship Hope, and when he saw his traveling companions he took to the hold and kept out of sight. Raven noticed him though and reported it to the Captain who was furious of the implications. Kaherdin revealed Elgyn’s true nature, though and a fight erupted. In a single round, Elgyn took out the Captain, Raven, Kaherdin and Bors before plunging to the sea in a daring escape.

Upon arrival in Baharna Elgyn made sure, everyone in the Assassin guild would look for Raven, putting a bounty of 750 gold pieces on his head. He then embarked on a journey north to “fulfill the contract on the king in the north”.

Appears in:
The Honourary Candidate
Crimson Tide


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