Raven's best friend in The City.


Reflection : Andras


Donnie was Raven’s best friend. They met when Raven ran away from home and came to the city. Donnie had already lived on the streets for 2 years and helped Raven gain the finesse needed to survive as a young rogue in the city. Raven was 12 and Donnie 13 and from the moment they met they did everything together. They even had a street performing act that few could imitate due to the fact that they were so connected.

They joined the thieves guild and became thugs. Donnie earned his way into becoming “made” and was to perform the assassination of a city guard who had insulted a very powerful supporter of the guild. Donnie, however, decided not to, knowing what it would cost him, and later declared that it was the one right thing he did in his life.

The guild “made” Raven by ordering him to kill the traitor Donnie. Raven did not know that the traitor was Donnie until they met in the dungeon. Donnie was relieved that death would come from Raven and almost jumped on the knife when his time came.

When Raven “died”, he met Donnie which was content in death, and looked toward to their reunion.

Appears in:
Along came a Human
Strangers in a Strange Land
Our Mutual Friend
Into the Lion’s Den


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