Merchant who specializes in jewels and gems, Onyx in particular.


Davos is a merchant, local to Baharna. His trades include, but not limited to, gems and jewelry; onyx in particular. His wife is Cathrine, their daughter is Sylvia.

In The Honourary Candidate the PC first meet Davos and his family. Leon falls in love with Sylvia, while Alain mistakes her for Valisy. Sylvia’s bodyguard for the night strikes cold with Angelina as she detect evil in him, while Raven mistakes him for Krider. Davos is proud when the “gods” choose his daughter to be sacrificed to Karakal and supports Angelina’s request for the Chosen’s to escort her to Mount Ngrana.

Davos welcomes the PC to stay in his mansion and Raven out of his own paranoia helps to tighten the security there. As Leon’s love for Sylvia, and hers to him, becomes clear to all, Davos embraces him as his son. Upon the departure he welcomes them back any day.

In The Glass Ballerina Davos welcomes the arrival of his daughter but when the truth about Leon being signed to Nyarlathotep is revealed to Davos, he as politely as possible dismisses the PC for his mansion. As the PC are headed to Celephais they depart grateful.

In The slaying of the Monster Raven returns to Davos’s mansion and seeks refuge. Davos welcomes them, 10 years have passed and Sylvia married to a merchant in Andahad. Davos invites all of the PC and their entourage.

After the destruction of his mansion the PC’s quickly escape, after confirming that he was still alive.

Appears in:
The Honourary Candidate
The Glass Ballerina
Across the Sea
The slaying of the Monster
Two for the Road


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