Coordinates rogue activities in Baharna, his headcourters being the Silver Key.


Raven met up with Carter in Baharna through Philip. Carter was the guild master for the thieves guild. They shared info and became somewhat of friends.

After Raven’s showdown with Elgyn in The Honourary Candidate, Carter told Raven to get out of town as Elgyn had put a contract on him.

After ten years had gone by in Baharna, Raven return to Carter in The slaying of the Monster. Carter did not recognise Raven but revealed the Raven had a bounty on his head worth 750 gold pieces. He also revealed that Elgyn had left town for a hit on the “king in the North” and that he just had returned form a vacation in Avalon.
After Raven revealed himself, Carter was not a eager to help him out as before but after receiving a hefty sum of gold, he gave Raven a few minutes head start.

Appears in:
The Honourary Candidate


Carter takes care of getting the right man for the right job or at least pointing you in the right direction…for a fee of course. Davos hired Elgyn for example from Carter. Carter is based in Baharna and uses the Silver Key as his base of operations.


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