Carl Harold Hobb


Mr. Hobb is a dour, stern and strict man. He values hard work above all, practices moderation in all things and does not abide any behavior which he deems improper.

Mr. Hobb was married to one Olivia Hobb, but Mrs Hobb (gods bless her soul) passed away during childbirth of their second child some 18 years ago. Mr. Hobb never remarried.

Mr. Hobb’s farm was situated about an hours walk south of Seawell, Mr. Hobb’s harvest was grain and potatoes mostly. He attended church each and every sunday, and when not tending his crops he could be found on his porch enjoying his daily cup of tea.

Mr. Hobb is Patrick Hobb’s estranged father.


Mr. Hobb was an Outsiders in Avalon. There he met Mrs Hobb and wanted to make a life there. When she died and his son was born, something changed him. He became quieter, stern, and unhappier. Alexander Castle tried to convince Hobb to leave with them but Hobb did not see it like that. According to mr. Hobb, Alexander tricked him into believing they were going home – the only reason he decided to leave with them.

When Patrick became of age, Alexander began his martial training. But then mr. Hobb noticed slacking and daydreaming in his young son, always practising fighting and pretending to be a warrior, and after a confrontation with Alexander, Patrick received no more training from Alexander.

Patrick finally had enough of his oppression and packed his bags to the city to become a scholar. Mr. Hobb told him, he would be back when he realized how the world works.

In Seawell-Oriab, Mr. Hobb grows the fields like never before – almost shunning other in the town.

Appears in:
A New World part 1
A New World part 2
Warrior’s Honour
Strangers in a Strange Land

Carl Harold Hobb

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