A barbarian if there ever was one, with a lust for life equaled by no one. Strangely enough also a knight of King Arthur's round table.


A savage fighter
In fighting there is none like him, a savage beast that roams the battlefield. But in times of peace he is a lecherous man, with a gift for passion rivaled by few. All around the kingdom bastards of Bors can be found.
A passionate man

Brother of Lord Ban, though few believe it – and hence uncle to Lancelot and Hector de Maris.


Bors is a hot tempered man, whose battle prowess is match by few. He fights up-close. Those who spar with him, never attack his groin as he will take it personal. Best friend of Dagonet. He joins the Castle expedition to slay Atlach-Nacha and later the quest to recruit Renton.

Decided to stay at Kaar – which lead him to being held hostage and eventually to his death.


  • Likes chubby women, claiming that skinny girls remind him of little boys.
  • Has much dislike toward Galahad although they fight together on the field as one.

Appears in:
The Once and future
Brother to Brother
Warrior’s Honour
Into the Deep
Along came a Human
The Accused
In the hall of the Mountain King
A New Hope
The White Stag
A Siân Dawn
Crimson Tide
The slaying of the Monster
The Taming of the Shrew
Two for the Road
Strangers in a Strange Land
True at first light
The Proposal
Our Mutual Friend
Meet Ed Bloom
The Artist
Into the Lion’s Den
The Beginning of the End


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