Is in charge of the East Side Gang although Parks runs it for him.


Bishop is in charge of the East Side Gang. He’s not much for running things these days so he has Parks, his right hand man, do it for him. Little does he know that Parks is in fact a leader in the resistance that was formed to bring down the 4 gangs in Riinar. Parks is running the East Side Gang so well for two reasons, the first being that if any of the other gangs took over the territory and their business it would make it harder to take them all down and the smaller second reason being that Parks is actually a rogue himself.

The East Side Gang takes care of Alcohol for Riinar and Bishop enjoys getting “free” booze.

The heroes, in cohorts with Parks and Torrent, took down Bishop and the 3 other gangs in Riinar.

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Pathfinder LOST Malaghant Kalador