Beorn Eliander

Raven's and Hawk's father, former husband to the now deceased Elizabeth.


Beorn was a feared and revered Ranger for Seawell and the surrounding area before the death of Elizabeth. He had passion for what he did, a sure purpose in life and a way to help others realize their destiny. The day Elizabeth was murdered is the day Beorn ceased to exist. Before he was a seasoned warrior, never surprised, on constant guard, donned in his raven black leather armor he was certainly a force to be reckoned with. After Elizabeth’s passing Hawk took over ranger duties for the area and Beorn slipped into a “coma” so to speak. His nervous breakdown came as a surprise to all but the few that knew him well, knew that he loved Elizabeth more than most love in the entirety of their lives. When she died his whole life crumbled and while Hawk received the Ranger position as his own, no one really did anything about the leatherworking business they had in town. Beorn did what he could for the business, pretty much just enough to get by. If it were not for Hawk’s generous leather donations, the tannery would have gone belly up. In his desperate hours, Beorn did nothing to console Raven while he grieved for his mother, not even able to tell him what really happened to her. Before this Beorn was a force to be reckoned with, a true hero…but after the atrocious execution of his wife he had little to offer, even to himself.


Beorn was one of the toughest adventures of his time. How he survived his ordeals cannot fully be explained. His epic archery would never fully be comprehended nor his legendary two weapon fighting style. He felt truly ecstatic when he finally found the woman of his dreams . Before Elizabeth was taken away from him, he taught his two sons, Hawk and Raven, all he could. But Raven was really to young at the time to learn or retain anything of value. But when Elizabeth was murdered he lost the ability to feel at all. He became a shriveled excuse for a man, crouching up in a bundle as often as he would stand. He was lost…

Beorn Eliander

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